Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Favorites, Fantasy Art & A Funny...

It's Friday! These days, I've never been so happy to see a Friday in my life. And sorry for the past couple of goofs. While trying to post and schedule some of these blogs, my fingers got ahead of my brain yet again and jumped the gun. Sorry 'bout that.

On with it!

Favorite Books/Authors:

I have to say, ever since reading 'Build A Man' by Talli Roland, I've been hooked on her books. I have now read 'Construct A Couple' and have the rest of her books sitting in my Kindle, waiting for me to turn the virtual pages. Sometimes, my personal reading list takes a hit when I do reviews, but I don't mind! So Talli, you are now on my favorites list! Woohoo!

Favorite Movies:

One movie I saw with my daughter right about when it came out on DVD is quickly becoming one of our 'chick flick' faves. 'Whip It'. Roller Derby at its finest. I've always thought that I could do roller derby, it'd be fun, but now I'm worried about how it would affect my hands should I fall. I know, I'm a wuss. But I love this movie and really enjoy watching it with my daughter. During one of my mom's summer visits, all three of us watched it together and we all liked it. So there, three generations give it a thumb's up.

Favorite Music:

I'm going with the B-52's today. Rock Lobster! And don't forget about that Chrysler that's as big as a whale. It's about to set sail. (WoooOOOooo!) I have my juke box money. I just need the damn juke box!

Fantasy Art:

I will never tire of watching Lord of the Rings. I watched it again recently because my son had never seen the extended versions. Gah! But I have had this wallpaper on my computer before and thought, what the hell, so here it is!

And the Funny:

Can't recall if I have showed this before, but it is worth repeating anyway!

May the Walnut Force be with you! Have a great weekend! What are your plans?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Funny picture with the squirrels!
I have all of Talli's books but not read any of them. No, chick lit is not my thing, but darn it, when I finish the one I'm reading, I'm going to read one of her books.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Look up Dusso online. He did a bunch of the matte paintings for Lord of the Rings.

You're welcome :)

Mel Chesley said...

Alex, chick lit isn't really my thing either but I love Talli's books! They're very good. :D

Michael... THANK YOU! Those are freakin' awesome!

Unknown said...

This weekend? LOTS of Assassin's Creed III :) Damn, now I have an urge to listen to the B-52s now too :)


Ella said...

I love the squirrels! Fun post~ :D
B-52s do rock~

Hart Johnson said...

Ha! Great choices. I love Talli's writing, too. But that Whip It experience is exactly what happened with us... daughter and I went, just the two of us, then Santa brought it to our house for Christmas because it's fabulous.

Juli D. Revezzo said...

I love the squirrels! Too cute. This weekend, for me, it was spent reading a favorite author, S.G. Rogers. :)

Mel Chesley said...

Ha! Did I get a song stuck in your head, Jamie?

Thanks Ella!

I love that movie, Hart. I can see why it would be a fave among mothers and daughters.

Hmm... S. G. Rogers. Have to look that name up!