Monday, January 28, 2013

Blog Tour Stop: Mindy and Sheila...

Happy Monday to all! Yeah, yeah, throw rocks at me after you've had your fifth cup of coffee. Lol!

Have a cup on me. :)

So today my tour for 'Adversarius' will be two places. Mindy Holt did her review of it (found on the shared blog), as did Sheila Staley. Sheila is holding a contest for two weeks where you can win a copy of my book. They also share a book review blog and it will be posted there as well.

So drop by! I already know what Mindy's review was and thanks Mindy, for your honesty. I appreciate that more than you can imagine!

For all of you who don't read blogs on the weekends, Hydra Morningstar put my review up yesterday and I had a bit of a contest. Click here for yesterday's post. Don't wait too long, I'll be taking down the artwork soon. I know it's copyrighted, but I was just having a little fun.

So I hope you have a great day after you wake up a bit and have a great week all!