Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Insecure Writers Support Group...

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It's already time for IWSG? Again? Wow, I don't think I have anything to be insecure about this time.

Who am I kidding, I always have something to be insecure about.

I have to say, I'm stuck in the middle of revisions. My little button hasn't moved much because I'm still trying to hammer out the details with a lot of what I have already written. I had a bit of a continuity/time line/ flow issue a friend of mine pointed out in Book One, so I am trying to make sure I keep tabs.

This will be a lot easier to do for a couple of different reasons:

One, I have converted to being an outliner with my writing instead of a pantser, these days. Where I used to just sit down and write by the seat of my pants, I can no longer maintain that sort of writing style. There is far too much going on. My characters are well developed and are a bit demanding when it comes to their scenes. I can't just gloss over them and focus on one at a time. So the outlining has become an integral part of my writing process. I have to admit, it makes things go a lot more smoothly than before. But once in awhile, I will still hit a snag.

The other thing that has made this easier?

Well, awhile back I had decided to finally lift up my laptop keyboard and clean it out. I had a couple of sticky keys. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. This is me we're talking about, people. Where have you been these last couple years??


So in lifting up my keyboard and cleaning out the disgusting mess beneath, I did something. Now none of my keys work. Go figure, right? But it has become a blessing in disguise. When I got a regular, wireless keyboard and hooked it up to my computer, it put my laptop too far away for me to really see what I was doing. Even with the dreaded bi-focals. So I hooked up a regular monitor to my laptop.

I now have two screens! Which means I open up my rough draft in one and my revisions in my other and voila!

I have revision awesomeness.

Because that's how I have to revise. I catch a lot more of my typos and errors in time flow continuity this way. Believe me... I have caught A LOT of mistakes.

I'll be dropping by to see your posts and hopefully offer up some support. Have a great rest of the week!

So how do you edit and revise? Got any methods that are a bit out of the ordinary?


Anonymous said...

Oh those dust bunnies (and other stuff too)! Changing writing systems would scare me to death. I'm glad it's working out for you!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Double the revision fun!
Welcome to the world of the outliner.

Unknown said...

Good for you for being able to switch from pantsing to planning. I have such a hard time with outlines.

Mark Means said...

I loves me some double monitors. I've had one hooked up to my laptop, for a while now, and it makes bouncing back and forth much easier.

I know what you mean about outlining. Not a fun task, but it makes your job so much easier, in the long run.

Charity Bradford said...

We have so much in common! My writing bar is stuck for the same reason but I figure the end will be easier to get to once those "details" are hammered out. I'm also learning to outline more and more.

When I revise I open both docs as well, but alas I have to do it on one screen. Good luck with those revisions!

Jessica Ferguson said...

I wouldn't have a clue how to use two monitors or two documents at the same time. I wonder if I'm too old to learn. :( When I revise, I usually print out a hard copy, make my revisions then work with my document. Yep, old school for an old broad. Best of luck with your book. BTW, I'm an outliner too. The two things I've outline have sold -- the five things of written by the seat of my pants have NOT.

Mel Chesley said...

@ M. J. ~ Yes, the dust bunnies of doom wreaked their havoc! I've revised like this from the beginning, so I don't know any other way.

@ Alex ~ I am comfortable in the world of outliners!

@ J. M. ~ I used to have lots of trouble with outlines as well. But I have to say, it has saved my butt more than pantsing... no pun intended there. ;)

@ Charity ~ I agree! The end will be a much smoother ride once these bumps are taken care of. I don't know why I didn't outline before!

@ Jessie ~ The steps to getting two monitors and two documents open is a piece of cake. If you ever want help, I'd walk you through it!

Thanks for dropping by, everyone!

Laura said...

I'm doing a you- converting to the world of the outliner in this month's post! I love the idea of the double screen edit - I convert it onto my kindle and read it on that, edit it on the computer
Great Post
Laura x

Bethany Elizabeth said...

How cool is it that you were able to turn a normal annoyance into something that really works for you! :)

Unknown said...

I keep a list of things I want to go back and fix. Often times I'll write them down as I go through my first draft. I try to keep that first draft entirely forward-moving (i.e. not going back even to fix known problems).

Once the draft is done, I go through the things I wrote down that need fixing and address them. I'll also take any input from my beta readers and fix what they've found. Then I read it through start to finish, polishing as I go. Then it's off to the editor.

Unknown said...

dual screen editing - I love it!

One day I'll get to the revision stage - right now I have an 8 sentence synopsis, and that's as far as I've gone :P


E. Arroyo said...

I love unexpected surprises. I'm glad the keyboard mishap worked out well for you. =) And I have to outline or my characters will steal the story and meander as if...

Mel Chesley said...


Anonymous said...

Revision awesomeness...hahaha! love it. I'm a linear plotter, which basically means I'm totally wacko and must have my outline. Glad the outlining helps.

~Jennifer~ said...

I really need to start outlining, but it's gonna bea difficult transition for me. I've always been a pantser, lol.

Something good came out of a mishap - that's always awesomesauce. :D