Monday, May 27, 2013

Time To Ask Me Anything...

It's that time! And yes, I do realize this is a holiday weekend. So when you're done grillin', chillin' and drinkin', come ask me anything.

I've got some very good questions from people on FaceBook and, of course, here. If you haven't left me a question, you can still do so. I'll be hanging out on Twitter today, answering questions and doing some promo. So, if you have anything you want me to share, drop me a link for it as well.

Also, some news:

Michael Brookes over at The Cult of Me is having a Short Fiction Contest. Details are listed and Michael hopes to have a contest every month, featuring a new picture to act as the writing prompt. You could win an Amazon gift card. So go check it out!

All right. If you're on Twitter and you've got some spare time today, come hang out with me. You can follow me: @MLChesley

Besides, I need more followers. I can't follow any more cool people because I'm maxed out and I hate doing the whole "follow/unfollow" thing to get there.

See you all later and PLEASE have a safe holiday!

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