Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's Coming Next?...

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a good week. So far, so good on my end.

During all the hub-bub of the end of the A to Z challenge, a couple things happened. One was on my blog, the other was over at Patrick Satters' blog.

On my blog, I had a guest post and lots of book information for a gentleman named Andrew Toy, author of "Man in the Box". You can find that post here.

Over at Patrick Satters's blog, yours truly was interview. And someone even asked a question. And now that I look at my answer, I feel like an idiot. But hey, have to give me a bit of a break, never had a blog reader ask me a question in the comments before. So, wooooo hoooo! You can find the interview, here.

I had signed up with Tomorrow Comes Media. You'll be seeing their button appearing soon, as soon as I put up my A to Z Survivor badge as well. But they do book tours for authors and the like. I signed up with them to help spread the word of some of their authors, so Andrew Toy was one.

Monday, May 13th, I will have another author, Cathy Benedetto, drop by. She's the author of "The King of the Fels", "Eyes of Sandala" and "Dark Shala".

Wednesday, May 15th, I'll be posting up a review of "Chain of Command" by author Colby Marshall.

I've also started something on FaceBook and Twitter. I've told people that if my Smashwords page for my book gets over 200 likes, I'll be giving my book away for free for 2 days. Please help spread the word! Thanks! So that's what I have lined up so far. And don't forget to drop by on Friday for my usual Favorites and Funnies. You guys must love those funnies!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I know Colby!

Unknown said...

Good luck getting to the 200 likes, Mel!

Mel Chesley said...

I loved her book, Alex. And thanks Jamie!