Saturday, June 1, 2013

From Across The Sea...

Hey everyone! I'm going to be incorporating some new stuff into my blog. As always, feedback is appreciated. I'll be doing some more posts to help out anyone who has news. Giveaways, free books/ebooks, guest posts, blog hops, all of it. Just drop me a message.

So let's begin! No time like the present.

A friend of mine, Steve Bargdill, is looking for some reviews. He has a 'Wasteland' series out. You can find the ebooks here.

B. C. Brown has a blog that could use a little lovin'. And there are giveaways by authors who guest post. That's over here.

Joseph Lallo, author of 'The Book of Deacon' (one of my faves!) has revealed a new cover to his latest, 'The Rise of the Red Shadow'. You can go check it out over here.

Allyson Lindt is looking for reviewers for her book, 'Holding Her Close'. Those details can be found on her blog.

So that's it for now. I'll be posting as regularly as I can with this. Again, send me your news and I'll do my best to post it up for you. Have an awesome rest of the weekend!


saniya said...

I don't do reviews..yet. Tried them once and ended up turning it into a massive spoiler. But I'll do go and check out that blog. :)

Mel Chesley said...

Awesome! Thanks, Sania.

Unknown said...

I like this shout-out feature - I hope it brings the guys success from your help :)

Mel Chesley said...

Thanks, Jamie. Trying to help get some more exposure for people. Any little bit helps.