Monday, November 4, 2013

Writers Who Are Readers...

When you are a reader, you have a different opinion about books than you do if you're a writer who reads.

I don't know about you, but when I read these days, I find it very difficult to discuss a book with people who don't write. Before I started writing, I enjoyed a certain level of ignorance. I liked being able to discuss the book for reasons other than lack of editing.

When I read a book now, I have a totally different perspective. But when I try to discuss that perspective with someone who doesn't write...


Is it just me?

I've had a couple of discussions about certain paranormal books with a friend of mine who adores them. I can't stand them for lots of reasons. Even as just a reader, I didn't like them for the message they sent. But my friend adored them. Her arguments, when we would talk about it, were, "But you're a writer and you're seeing it from a writing point of view."


But I'm a READER, too! How come my opinion no longer matters as a reader? But it does matter, it's just. Different.

So what's changed? Has my opinion always been this way? Is it just coming out more because I'm writing? How do you connect and discuss books with people who don't write?

I can like a book just for what it is. I can enjoy reading like I used to. I just happen to pick it apart more, find the flaws a lot easier. I can pinpoint the issue I have with the books now, rather than trying to figure out what concept I'm failing to grasp.

I think I've always been a closet Writer/Reader and not just a typical Reader. It's just, up until now, I never knew it.

So do you have trouble discussing books with people who aren't writers?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I would think the opinion of a writer-reader would matter just as much. Readers often enjoy things just because, but we see the technical side as well.

Jai said...

I find that being a writer has effected me as a reader. I have started noticing technique or something I think I would have handled in a different way.

For me I would want the opinions of both writer/readers and readers.

D.G. Hudson said...

Writers want to critique, and analyze. Readers want to enjoy the storyline.

Observe a few reviews and see the differences. Some will critique the story and the author's way of presentation. Others will tell you about the story. Even worse, some will give you all the spoilers.

Mel Chesley said...

I want the opinions of both as well. It's the readers who will make or break you.
D. G. I hate when they give the spoilers lol!

Unknown said...

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