Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Insecure Writer's Support Group...

It's that time of month again AND that time of year!

Wow. Last month of the year and last IWSG post for 2013. If you want to know who else is participating visit the Ninja Captain behind it all, Alex J. Cavanaugh.

So I posted a bit of an insecurity yesterday. You can see that post here if you missed it.

For today, I'd like to be a bit more on the advice giving side, than the whiny, oh-my-gah-I'm-a-writing-failure! side. (I'm talking about me, not you.)

I see lots of my friends posting links to new releases. They talk about how this, that and the other thing will be out next month and the following month, there will be more. And don't forget to stay tuned to when you can see this short piece, that short piece AND a bag of chips with it all....

I'm being facetious. And by now, you're asking where is the advice?

Well, everyone goes their own pace. All the books I've read about being a writer and making time to write every. Single. Day... just doesn't pertain to me. I know lots of people who have trouble finding time to write. On the opposite side of that coin, I know lots of people who have too much time to write.

Personally, I can't write everyday. My creative process won't allow it. I have to come up with ideas, jot down as much info as I can, and then let it marinate for awhile. Sometimes, I go months without writing a single word, then all of a sudden, I'll write eighty thousand.

Does that mean I'm less dedicated than those people who have a new book out every week?

No. It just means I work differently than everyone else.

Story of my life. I am proud of the fact that my life-long address has been The Island of the Misfit Toys.

I'll be hopping around and visiting you all today to see what your insecurities are, and/or your advice! Have a great day.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Mel, I'm in the same boat. I can't crank out the writing like some people can. But that's all right. We go at our own pace.

Tony Laplume said...

Nobody wants a Charlie in the Box! Well, except for me!

Unknown said...

Thank you for this. I actually have a word count that I try to stick to. The upside is consistent productivity when I stick to it, the down side is feeling like a worthless failure when I don't.

I always wondered why they just didn't empty the water pistol and then fill it up with water? Perhaps because it was cold and the jelly had some sort of anti-freeze agent in it. Nowadays the island of misfit toys would be populated with toys painted with lead paint and made with BPA plastic.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I am wary of writers who release a book every 3-4 months. I can't see how that is possible with everything that is involved and create a quality product.

You go at your own pace, Mel. There are no rules.

Mel Chesley said...

I agree, Alex. Our own pace works just fine.

And I want a Charlie in the Box, too. :D

J M, filling it with water would have been too easy. But I like the idea of a squirt gun with jelly. Makes sandwiches easier.

Donna, I worry about the quality as well. Unless of course, they write multiple stories, edit and all that, then release more than one at a time. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you as well Mel. We all have our own pace... or should that be, we march to our own drum. I sense you go for quality not quantity. Strangely, I mentioned the output of others on my Insecure blog post. Great minds think alike?

Heather M. Gardner said...

We all do this so differently. I want to write each day but that doesn't happen. I do carry a notebook around with me though.

Have a great day.