Saturday, April 5, 2014

E Is For Ear Dagger...

Yes, there is such a thing as an Ear Dagger. No, sadly, it is not hidden behind the ear for when you need to use your female assassin wiles to kill the next in line for the throne and you whip out your dagger from behind your ear and stick it in his jugular...


Ear Dagger. Notice the shape of the pommel.
No, an ear dagger is a relatively rare and exotic form of dagger that was used during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance. It is so named because the pommel of the dagger has a very distinctive shape, in some cases like a human ear. Ear daggers frequently have a single sharpened edge that ends in an acute point. It is thought that the ear dagger was introduced to Europe from Spain, where it presumably originated from the Moors.

Enclosed Helm.
And if you thought the Armet was a difficult looking helm to fight in, try the Enclosed Helmet ~ In the late 12th century, early 13th century, an enclosed helm was the primitive version of the great helm, used in Western Europe. Only those of Knightly stature used the enclosed helmets. Despite their restrictions of sight and hearing, they were the best protection from couched lances and archers. But this too evolved into something more constructive later on.

And sadly, I didn't have time to look up any weapons starting with 'E', and there were none readily available on my current list. So we'll have to skip it this time.

Happy blogging! I hope to get around to some blogs this weekend. I've been a busy girl this week.


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