Friday, April 25, 2014

V Is For Vambrace...

Today's corresponding letter is 'V'! For Vendetta... no, just kidding. It's for Vambrace, today.

Vambrace - Forearm guard. May be solid metal or splints of metal attached to a leather backing. Developed in antiquity but named in the 14th century. Vambrace may also sometimes refer to parts of armour that together cover the lower and upper arms.

Voulge - A
voulge (occasionally called a pole cleaver) is a type of polearm that existed alongside the similar glaive in medieval Europe. Superficially, a voulge might strongly resemble a glaive, but there are some notable differences in construction. First, the attachment of the voulge blade to the shaft was usually done by binding the lower two thirds of the blade to the side of the pole; the glaive would often have a socket built into the blade itself and was mounted on top of the pole. In addition, while both had curved blades, that of the voulge was broad and meant for hacking, while that of the glaive was narrow and meant more for cutting. A voulge thus looks something like a squashed bardiche, or just a meat cleaver attached to a long pole.

That's it! We're getting down to the wire (and difficult letters) now! Happy blogging and see you tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Keep going Mel. Although X & Z are tough letters I am sure there are some out there - if you can use ships like Xebec + know that there's a German sword.

I'm finding the challenge is not to go for the obvious, like Q is for Quest or Z is for Zealot.