Monday, November 24, 2014

Beginning Of The Holidays...

Well, I've been revising book two quite a bit. I'm also wanting to work on some of my short stories and revise/edit them and get them out there, too. However, it is the beginning of the holiday madness and I have a seasonal job in retail.

Fun, fun, right? Meh.

I have to work late on Thanksgiving, then again on Black Friday and on the Saturday after as well. So this week affords me two days off. I figure I can do what I can in those couple days. Up until Christmas, things are just going to keep getting busier and finding time to write will become increasingly difficult as well, but I'll muddle through.

I'm looking for artwork to inspire some flash fiction, but that can't be forced either. I'm loving Pinterest. I find some cool stuff there.

Holidays are going to be a little meager this year, what with our move and other things happening right now. We'll make the best of it, we always do. We're spending Turkey Day with our friends and some family here in Washington. Christmas will be spent with family in Oregon, that is, if I don't have to work. Otherwise, I don't know the plans just yet.

Hopefully I'll have a day to myself to spend at a craft fair selling my jewelry. I have a lot that needs to just go!

If you travel for Thanksgiving, be safe and have a wonderful time! What are your plans?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Working Thanksgiving Day is just wrong. No store should be open.
Traveling this year so will be sparse the rest of the week.

Mel Chesley said...

I agree, Alex, but this is what the big corporations want. They'll be home, spending time with family while we make their money. Bah. I don't want to be so negative about it, but can't help it.
Have safe travels! Enjoy your holiday!

Hart Johnson said...

Sorry about having to work the holiday! I always feel like that is so unfair of stores to do... I mean I get critical function jobs like hospitals not being able to close, but shopping? Really? Hopefully your bit of time off will be productive!