Monday, June 8, 2015

Kindle Scout...

I don't know how many of you know about Kindle Scout, if not, let me enlighten you. If you do already know, well, you'll get a refresher.

Kindle Scout allows you to submit a book, cover and excerpt. They review it, then let you know if it's been accepted or not. Once it is accepted, you have 30 days to gain nominations. After that, they'll review it once more. If your book is chosen to be published, you'll get an advance, plus marketing assistance and a higher percentage in royalties.

Not bad, huh? I learned about this from a fellow author who emailed me and asked for a nomination if I liked what I read. I went over to the site, checked out the excerpt and decided to nominate it. I'm hoping to submit a book over there, one of these days. I've got several in the works at the moment.

So why am I bringing this up, then? Well, my sister in law beat me to the punch. No worries, it's not a competition! I'm just super happy she's getting to try it out. She submitted a Young Adult, dystopian novel she's been working on. She had it all ready, with a cover and everything, when I told her about this program. So she submitted it and got accepted!

I'd like for anyone, who hasn't yet seen it, to go check it out. Read the excerpt and, if you're interested, nominate it. The readers are rewarded in this program, too. Anyone who nominates this book, if it gets published, gets a free copy of the book. So it's a win/win!

All right, so here is the link to her book. Again, go check it out, read the excerpt and then vote. If you don't like it, don't nominate it. Trust me, it's all good.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Unknown said...

My mystery/suspense novel stayed on Hot and Trending for all thirty days of the KindleScout campaign, which delighted me since I had erroneously believed final decisions were crowdsourced. Not so much apparently. I received notification this morning that KindleScout decided not to publish the book.

I've been a professional novelist for twenty-three years and have won multiple awards. A nonfiction book published by Warner Books (now Grand Central) was a bestseller. Even if my grousing sounds like sour grapes, ask yourself what the chances were that the book I submitted to the campaign actually sucked. Now ask yourself why KindleScout goes to such elaborate lengths to pretend as though they publish books based on votes.

KindleScout is not reader-powered publishing. That much is fact. WHY they aren't what they say they are is opinion.