Monday, October 26, 2015

Fantasy Book Reviewers...

Of course, with Book Two being out now, I find I have more time. That and grandkidlet is in daycare. Hooray!

More time = more posts. I hope!

So back to the topic.

I'm looking for reviewers for book two, Veritas. It is preferable if you have read book one, Adversarius. It's sort of a pre-requisite.

With that being said, if you would like to review book two, but have not read book one, I'll happily supply it.

In the past, I have asked for reviews and have offered up the book for free. I'm still willing to do that. I don't mind. But if you're just looking for a free e-book, hey, I don't mind that either. If you are truly interested in my books and don't have pocket change to buy a ton of e-books, please contact me. I am not looking to get rich, here. I've had this story in my head for well over 20 years now. (20 years!!!) I want to share it with everyone.

You're talking to a person who subscribes to BookBub to find the free deals. I have a whole series of books waiting to be read because I'm only missing one or two. If I find a series I REALLY like, I try to reach out and find out if someone can lend it to me.

I'm not a penny-pincher. Okay, well, I am. I honestly just don't have cash to throw out to get books I want to read. People don't understand that my family lives paycheck to paycheck. One bad week of sickness, we're pretty much S. o. L.

I truly understand those who can't afford books. Again, drop me a private message, we'll work something out.

Again. Back to the topic.

In the meantime, if you are honestly willing to do a review, please leave me a comment and I'll get you a copy of either book two or both of the books to get you up to speed. But PLEASE leave a REVIEW! Okay. Thanks. You can go about your business now.

Have an awesome rest of your week, everyone!


Contact me: Paridzule (dot) keep (at) gmail (dot) com.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I still need to read your first one! I'm so behind...

Mel Chesley said...

Don't feel bad. I've got all your books sitting in my Wish List on Amazon. :D