Monday, January 18, 2016

GTKM: 5...

It's me again. If you are seeing this post, it means, sadly, the weekend is over. Sorry to harsh your buzz.

Good news is, it's another Getting To Know Me post! ::Throws confetti::

This week's question is:

What is your favorite family holiday tradition?

Hmm... which holiday?

After deliberating over this question, I have decided to choose New Year's Eve. My favorite family tradition is writing down wishes and prayers on scraps of paper and burning them throughout the night.

I've even gone a step further with this one and have started to collect little origami stars through the year.

We write down our wish or prayer on a strip of paper. Then I fold it into a little star and drop it in a container. At the end of the year, on New Year's Eve, we toss the stars into the fire. During the year, it's a cute, colorful display. It's also a way to be positive throughout the year. Then, New Year's Eve, we toss them in the fire and let the smoke take the wishes and prayers up to the heavens.

How about you? What is your favorite family holiday tradition?


Samantha said...

I don't know how long something takes to be a tradition, but since its been 10+plus years I am going to say this. At Christmas I am part of a group who organised a Santa Sleigh through the village. We also accept and reply to all letters to Santa handed in (100% free). recently as we have lost volunteers (due to many older people helping) its changed and moved to the village hall....where the children get to visit Santa free and get a free present as well as free tea and coffee etc. I think its fantastic to see the village come together for such an event.
Mewish follower not sure if this is my first comment so although I'm currently remodelling the site

Mel Chesley said...

Samantha, that is an awesome tradition! And I've subscribed to your blog. I found the box under the dust of reconstruction. ;) Thanks for commenting!