Monday, July 9, 2018

Needing My Fix...

The one thing I hate most about moving, is when all of my creative stuff is packed away. I haven't crafted anything in almost a month, now. My computer is packed away. All I have out is my cute little tablet.

Thank goodness it has a keyboard!! Otherwise, posting would be an autocorrect nightmare.

The other good thing, is I'm able to continue writing. Gotta love having the MS Word app.

I'm getting excited for the release of BREED. I'm still looking for a countdown banner to put up here. In the meantime, I can share the link to the website at the very least!.

I'll share that link at the end of this post.

One of our authors will be debuting with a series based on the Fae. In August, she'll be releasing her very first self-pubbed MG ghost story. I will host a giveaway at that time, so be sure to check back here often!

Hope you are all having a great Monday and had a good weekend!

BREED Website


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hope you can get unpacked soon!

Mel Chesley said...

Me too! Looking forward to my new space.