Thursday, August 23, 2018

5 Books That Left A Mark, Part Two...

Hi gang!

I'm continuing on this week with my top 5 books that left a lasting impression on me. I gave fair warning last week, that some of the books that impressed me were part of a series. This is true!

Without further ado, here is #4 on my list as we countdown!

Book Title: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings

Author: J. R. R. Tolkien

Why this book left a lasting impression on me:

Oh, so, so many reasons! First of all, let me explain that I never read these books until just before the second movie came out. Yes, yes, I know. I've gotten a lot of flack about that over the years. I mean, seriously, I'm a gamer and touted about writing fantasy and never read these books??


One of the biggest reasons these books left a lasting impression on me, is my mother in law. She's passed away a few years ago, but I always think of her when I think of these books. She gave me "The Hobbit" to read. She knew I was writing a fantasy story, asked if I had ever read them and didn't give me grief when I said no. She simply handed me her copy.

After she returned from vacation, she mailed me the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. By then, the movies were out and all of my friends and my husband were so excited to go see it, so I went as well.

I swear, I sat through the whole thing with my jaw dropped the entire time. How? How had I never read these books?!? I kept asking myself.

By the time the second movie had come out, I had read the entire trilogy along with "The "Hobbit".

The richness of the stories, the writing, the world that was created and cared for, it blew me away. I think I will always cherish these books no matter what.

So leave a comment and tell me what book left a lasting impression upon you!

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