Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Getting Back Into A Rhythm...

Phew! So, we are finally in our new house. It's half finished with the remodel and all, but we're here. The most important part is that I am back on MY computer!


Thank goodness! Using the work computer after hours was all right, but I don't have my links, I don't have my pics, I don't have my files. It's like borrowing someone's car. It does the job, but it isn't your car. You have to adjust the seats, the mirrors, then put them back. Or like borrowing clothes that just don't fit right, but make you look presentable anyway.

You get the idea.

So now I am going to be working full force on Midian Entertainment's project. That means editing, book covers, formatting and pre-release sales. I'm pretty excited to share it with you guys! I can't wait.

So what's new in your life? Share some accomplishments or upcoming deadlines. Tell me what you're working on!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you're in the house and on your own computer. That is annoying when you have to borrow. It's just not the same.

Unknown said...

No, it sure isn't. Always good to hear from you, Alex!