Monday, October 4, 2021

Activate Motivation Monday...

 Sorry for skipping a Monday, things happen.

However, continuing on with what motivates authors to write, let's get to this Monday Motivation post!

A lot of authors out there are motivated by the thought of entertaining the readers. Because, let's be honest, if the readers are not entertained, the book gets put down and never picked up again, right?

So how do you make your story entertaining when a lot of the plot ideas have been done over and over again?

It's how you write it, it's your voice. Yes, there are stories out there that have been retold a million times over, but perhaps this time, it will be entertaining because of your voice, your style.

I've been on a Bailey Sarian kick these past few months. (You can thank me later.) Her Murder, Mystery and Makeup channel on YouTube is awesome! She tells a story as she does her makeup (because she doesn't know what to do with her hands. Her words, not mine!) and it might be one you've heard quite a bit about, but there's something in the way she tells it. Her voice is pretty soothing. I mean, you have people on there, young and old, male and female who aren't interested in the makeup aspect (but it is awesome). They're there to hear her tell it.

And it's the same thing with authors. You can find some pretty amazing stories out there that are a bit redundant, but it's the way they tell it. Their voice, their style.

There is always a way to make a story entertaining with action and adventure. Dialogue and witty characters. Be entertaining and you'll get your readers!

Have a great rest of your week and go check out the link above. I promise, if you love murder and mystery, you'll love her channel!

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My goal is to entertain. No deep messages from me.