Friday, July 22, 2022

A Bit Of A Teaser...

 Last week, and then on Monday, I was blogging about my world and some of the things in it. The folklore creatures, the supernatural creatures, etc.

Today, I'd like to share with you the overall premise of my world. The prologue of sorts.

Beginning of The Dagrún: 

As at the beginning of all things, the Dagrún appeared out of “thin air”. Meaning they came into existence much like everything else that is part of the “big bang” theory. The energy the Earth generates is more than enough to create anything; tangible or intangible. This energy is purely neutral until through thought, want or need, something is created. Many paranormal and supernatural beings came to be in this manner.  They were regarded as magical, mysterious creatures. Some, as monsters; even others, as gods.  

The name, Dagrún, came from Old Norse, meaning “secret” or “secret knowledge”. What their name was before that, no one recalls. As time continued and other religions sprang forth, these creatures, even human ones with minor magical powers, became monsters. All were considered pure evil, sent to destroy the humans at the whim of a “fallen angel”. They all became connected to Lucifer. Lucifer, (who had not emerged until after the Dagrún) had come into existence like the rest of them: out of need, fear and energy. 

The more humanity evolved, the further the Dagrún retreated into the shadows. Their stories became nothing more than pages in forgotten books and fireside stories to coerce young children to behave.  

As technology improves, their days of hiding in plain sight are coming to an end. The majority of the Dagrún have chosen to sequester themselves in warded pockets around the world. Others have taken to blending in as much as possible, influencing from within. 

So, there we have it. I hope you enjoyed this little bit!

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