Monday, November 23, 2009

Behind the Characters

Recently, I took a step back to my "roots" so to speak. Several years ago, I had started to play an online RPG called "Legends of Cosrin". Yep,
It is a text based MUD and one that I feel played a pretty significant part in my writing. Character development is my absolute favorite part of writing. Getting inside the head of someone totally opposite of myself and the challenge of writing about them in a way that sticks to their personality....oh! It is so fun.

Anyway, Cosrin is pretty fun. I took a hiatus for a time and as I said, I just went back this last week. One of my old friends happened to be sitting there and we got to talking. When I logged in, it sparked something. In a good way. I had started writing again after getting involved the role-playing aspect of Cosrin. I wrote short stories for my characters on the forums. I had a blast but there is always a downside, so I stopped for awhile.

I started off writing with the idea of writing books set around the city in Cosrin and the characters. Thought it would be fun, then it just grew from there. My little map of the city ended up being a map of a kingdom, which then progressed to a continent. I got permission from my friends to use their characters, many of whom I had to change their names for obvious reasons.

So while talking to my friend, I thought, you know...I should post somewhere the characters I have used from Cosrin and the names I use for them in my writing. So, with that being said, here goes!

Kayta: From Cosrin, my character, name not changed, just race and storyline.

Nightshadow: From Cosrin, my character, name not changed, storyline unchanged.

Laria: From Cosrin, a friend of mine, name not changed, storyline slightly changed to suit some purposes.

Farrehn: From Cosrin, a friend of mine, name changed from Ariosh, story and background are similar.

Vendras: From Cosrin, a friend of mine, name changed from Dahak, story slightly altered, will someday continue with storyline from Cosrin.

Alabassin: From Cosrin, a friend of mine, name changed from Ninny, story altered.

Talaver: From Cosrin, a friend of mine, name changed from Firesong, story altered.

Tyren: From Cosrin, a friend of mine, name changed from Tyrus, story slightly altered, closer to the original.

Nikkolani: From Cosrin, a friend of mine, name changed from Protean, story altered.

Geralmin: From Cosrin, a friend of mine, name changed from Goldenaxe, story altered.

Sorcha: My character from Society for Creative Anachronism, name changed from MacGregor to Lilanthroe.

Other characters I have based on Cosrin characters include Elendil, Bast, Kain and a few others that sort of escape me at the moment. I enjoy writing about others, especially ones that I have played with in games like Cosrin. However well I know them, I know my own creations just as well. I enjoy listening to them whisper their story in my ear, telling me how they would respond to something, how they would react. Lots of people seem to struggle with character development, I absolutely revel in it. Happy writing!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Excerpt No. 2

So I am not completely heartless. I have decided to bestow upon you yet another excerpt. *Chuckles* I know, I am so full of myself. Well, full of something at least. I hope you enjoy it. I am not going to give you specifics or tell you anything leading up to it, I just want to share. So here you go! Oh, and just so you know, none of this is edited. This is merely a rough draft. We are talking about National Novel Writing Month here, I can't edit. So be nice!

Sorcha walked down the little path that led around the side of the building where, she knew from past experience, a little garden with benches had been placed for visitors.
As she rounded the corner, she heard someone crying and halted where she stood, not wishing to intrude.
“Please let him be all right,” a female voice drifted out of the night, broken with little hiccups as she cried. “Aeviar, Kaigowen, if you are listening to the pleas of a pitiful wretch like me, please let him be all right. Ioweth be praised,” the woman finished her prayer to the gods of healing and miracles. As she invoked the name of the creator, Ioweth, Sorcha narrowed her eyes.
“Nightshadow?” Sorcha whispered.
“Who's there?” the woman growled, her voice hard. Sorcha saw the woman stand up and turn towards her, a dagger glinting in the moonlight.
“Calm yourself, woman. It's me, Sorcha.” Sorcha stepped over to where Nightshadow stood, still holding her dagger.
“What in all hells are you doing here,” Nightshadow snapped.
“I could ask you the same question. I never figured you to be the praying type. Who did you almost kill?”
“That is none of your bloody business.” Nightshadow concealed her dagger and sat back down on the bench.
“Yes, the business is bloody. I'm here dropping someone off.” Sorcha turned in a circle, taking in the sequestered area. Seeing they were very much alone, she plopped down on the stone bench next to the infamous assassin. “I'm taking running in to you as a very good sign.” Sorcha smiled warmly, her mind working quickly as usual.
“I'm taking it as a very bad omen,” Nightshadow muttered.
“Now don't be silly. This could be a very prosperous coincidence. Are you game?”
“That all depends,” Nightshadow said. “How much will I be gaining from this venture?”
“Let us speak of coin later. First let me tell you what I have in mind. However, if your mind works like mine, I'm sure you will see the future gain.”
“I'm listening.” Nightshadow pulled out a small silver case and tapped the lid twice, then tapped the bottom once. The lid sprang open and she pulled out a slim cigarette. Placing it to her lips, she worked her flint and tinder, lit the stick and inhaled the smoke deeply, tucking the little silver contraption away.
“Cute,” Sorcha commented. She waved a hand in front of her face, the smell of the cloves and other herbs in the cigarette were too sweet for her taste. Nightshadow just blew the smoke in her face and remained silent. “I told you I came to drop someone off. Tell me, what news has reached Moordigan in the last few days?”
Nightshadow frowned slightly as she took another deep pull on her cigarette. “Let's see,” she mused and smoke blew out with her words. “The king and queen of Paridzule are dead. Apparently an accident on their way to a negotiation meeting in Relavia. Li'endrin has to be behind it.” Sorcha leaned forward, her elbows resting on her knees as she waited patiently for Nightshadow to finish. “The ship carrying their son Hedric and daughter Kayta was attacked by your good friend Toreg, no survivors.”
“That slimy dung heap is not my friend.” Sorcha huffed and shook her head. “What else?”
“And Senweis has renounced the Paridzule throne.”
“She what?” Sorcha asked, astounded. She sat up and turned to look at Nightshadow.
“I figured you were seeking specific news and all three of those are so closely related. The world is not going to be the same if Li'endrin waltzes in and takes over Paridzule. The only other news is petty compared to all of this. Some Noble dies, others declare war then kiss and make up. You know, the usual.”
Sorcha stood and paced back and forth in the little circular garden. One hand rested on her hip as she walked, the other tapped her lips.
“Oh, and Alabassin has gotten himself in to an arranged marriage. Apparently to Senweis.”
“That might prove to be a good solution.” Sorcha said.
“Do you think Li'endrin will allow it? He already has the majority of the family out of the way. Kienna and Aldhem are all that remain and he just has to wait for them to die of old age. He'll have Senweis snuffed in a heartbeat.”
“By your hand?” Sorcha paused to look at the woman sitting on the bench in her tight, black leather skirt and corset. Her red-gold hair hung loosely to her waist and shone in the moonlight.
“Not by my hand. I refuse to help that bastard with anything.”
“Seems the world of Eir du'Brusai at least has one thing in common.” Sorcha continued to walk slowly around the circle. As she passed by the bench, she paused and sat next to Nightshadow, her body turned to face her. “What if I told you Kayta is not dead?”
“I'd call you a liar. Oh, you are a liar.”
“Very funny. I have proof.” Sorcha pulled the insignia ring indicating Kayta's station as Guardian of the Realm from her pocket. She held it out for Nightshadow to see.
“Where in all hells did you get this?” Nightshadow hissed, grabbing the ring and quickly looking around to see if they were alone. She dropped the last of her cigarette to the ground and smashed the embers with the toe of her boot. She held the ring up to view it in the moonlight. The ring was a large, flat onyx shaped like a crescent moon. Silver flames cradled the moon before blending in to the rest of the band.
“I told you, Kayta is alive. I happened upon the aftermath of Toreg's attack. She looks to be the only survivor. I want you to take this ring to Nikkolani. She's got to get back to Paridzule, she will straighten things out and if not, she'll just hang her sister and take the throne.”
“We could only hope. I cannot believe that selfish little whelp renounced the throne.” Nightshadow turned the ring in the light before tucking it away.
“Will you do it? Will you bring her back?” Sorcha asked.
“I'll do it on one condition.”
“I don't have that much coin on me, Night. So whatever your price, go easy on my purse.”
“No, don't worry. This will only cost you Toreg's head. You kill him and we'll be square.”
“Done!” Sorcha clapped her hand into Nightshadow's and they shook on it. “What a strange world we live in when an assassin asks a Pyrate to kill someone for them.”
“Strange indeed when Pyrates pick up floating stragglers in the ocean.”

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

R.I.P. Matthew Alan Pierce

A fellow writer
hath lain down his pen.
A new chapter of life
sadly, has begun.

A fellow writer
hath writ his last word.
No longer will his
voice be heard.

A fellow writer
hath closed his book.
We will all mourn
the life that God took.

We'll miss you Matthew. I pray that you find peace and know that I will see you when my story is through.

Matthew Alan Pierce
June 2, 1969-October 26, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, wouldn't you know. I began National Novel Writing Month with a set idea. I wanted to write out Nightshadow's story. I know, I know. I got stuck. I had no real plot, no idea where to go with it. I was rehashing her historical (not hysterical) past and the path she took to become of the most deadliest Assassins my world has ever known.


That was the sound of my idea fading off into the etherworld.

So. What did I do in the middle of NaNoWriMo? I started over. *Snorts* Actually it is going much better than I expected. Faster, actually. I am now sitting at 17,415 words out of 50,000.

Now, I know I have promised to put up and excerpt and I'm sure you all have been chomping at the bit to see what I have been working on. I promised you something from Nightshadow's story, but instead, you will get a peek at my new story.

Here's the thing, though. It is a major overhaul, a rewrite of gigantic proportions, an undeniable HUGE step for me. I plan on "losing" at NaNoWriMo this time specifically because I feel as if I am cheating. You'll understand once I let you in on my little secret.

*Peers around to make sure "They" aren't listening*

I'm re-writing my first book. You know, the one that got published with THEM. The bane of my existence, the Evil Empire, the lying sacks of.....

Yeah, them.

So, without further ado....Here is an excerpt from the first chapter:

As the coast of Paridzule dropped out of sight, Kayta let out a long sigh. It had been months since she had seen her home. She barely had a chance to rest before she had to board a ship and be on her way to Suleiel's Festival. Twice a year, Nobles from all the kingdoms would meet at the festivals. Kayta went in her father's stead during Suleiel's Festival and her father would go for Oeswen's Festival.

“Don't look so upset,” a voice spoke off to her left. Kayta turned to see her best friend and Captain of the Guard, Trinara. She walked over to the railing where Kayta stood and leaned her elbows on the railing. “Rumor has it that Lord Li'endrin will be attending the Festival instead of his father.” Kayta blushed a bright pink and looked away quickly.

“Why would that interest me in the slightest?” she asked. Trinara grinned.

“Well, correct me if I am wrong, but I do recall seeing the two of you off in a corner quite a bit at his last visit.”

“I think your memory must be muddied by all the beatings you take on the battlefield,” Kayta turned to look at her old friend. Her cheeks were still flushed and she tried her best to hide a grin. “Besides, it is apparent that father wishes to marry him off to Senweis.”

“Your sister hardly gave him the time of day.” Trinara stood so that the wind blew her long blonde hair out of her face. Kayta looked around, checking to see if they would be overheard. All she noticed were a few crewmen standing and staring at Trinara. Decked out in her usual garb of tight fitting or scant clothing, she drew the attention of any man in sight of her. She stood half a head taller than Kayta and her skin was darkly tanned.

“Senweis is shy,” Kayta stood up for her elder sister. Sometimes she wondered why, the two of them fought most of the time. Usually about petty little things like Kayta borrowing a gown because she didn't have one of her own or Senweis using one of Kayta's favorite daggers as a butter knife.

“Shy,” Trinara snorted. “That is just a polite way of saying she's a prude.”

“Trin!” Kayta gasped and then giggled. She smacked her friend on the arm lightly. “Be nice, now.”

“Are you excited to see him again?” Trinara asked after a moment.

“I would very much like to see Alabassin again,” Kayta mused out loud as she looked over the waves breaking against the ship.

“That is what I thought.”

“Don't be so smug, it doesn't suit you,” Kayta grinned at her friend. “You better get back to your quarters before you get the crew flogged for not working.” She nudged her friend and nodded in the direction of the group of men who stood gawking at her best friend. Several more had joined the first three in the last few minutes.

“I'd make it up to them,” Trinara grinned wickedly before turning on her heel and walking away.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My corner of heaven.

I know I was going to use this blog for writings and the like, but this seemed to good to pass up. I went for a walk outside today. The snow fell during the night leaving a pristine blanket of about two inches. If this isn't descriptive writing to capture a memory, then I don't know what is.

The clouds are high up and seem to move fast. The sun was filtering down through them over the bay as if I were looking at a heavenly post card. It would read, "Thinking of you, but do not wish you were here. At least not yet. Enjoy the beauty of it."
The water is slate gray, except where the light is caught in the waves. The water is calm and peaceful looking, I wish I had a ship, I could sail on forever.
The wind is blowing slightly and down the road a bit is a stand of pines. I watched them sway, the snow blowing off of them like powder. The sound of the wind through the trees reminded me that I was not alone out there.
As I walked back to the house, the sun glittered on the snow, playing tricks on my eyes. It seemed as if fairies were dancing at my feet as the snow kicked up around me.
This is my little corner of heaven and I am not about to give it up yet.

At the very least, it left me feeling as if I were in a meditative state. I need to remember feeling like this when I get tired of the snow, of winter dragging on and on. I get impatient to see the sun and grass.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

National Novel Writing Month

What in the world is NaNoWriMo? National Novel Writing Month, of course! As they say, 30 days and nights of literary abandon. 30 days and nights of fools like me who spend as much time as they can hammering out the details of a novel to reach the ultimate goal of 50,000 words.

Okay, we're not fools. Really. We're dedicated to our craft and enjoy the stress of the deadline.

My novel this year is entitled: "Tomes of Eir du'Brusai: Legend of Nightshadow"
Last year it was "Legend of Black Rose". Eir du'Brusai, of course, is my world. Ten years spent in the making from the Pantheon of gods and goddesses to the last blade of grass.

Black Rose is a great guy. You'll love him when you read about him.

Nightshadow is an awesome girl. She's my dark side, released upon countless, helpless victims. She's an assassin, one of the best and deadliest. She's ruthless, she's merciless. I love her to death. I can't tell you how she turns out, you'll have to read that too. I wouldn't want to give away any cool twists and turns in my plots. That would be no fun for anyone, least of all me.

I just can't wait. I'll have to post excerpts here so you can see the defining moments as I do. But it will have to wait til tomorrow.


Boy, I Ramble

It is what I do best, ramble. Usually on and on about nothing, but mostly I pull out a soap box every so often and perch on it.
Most people don't like what they hear spewing forth from my mouth. Wow, go figure.

Rambling is something I have issues curbing in my writing. I want every detail I see in my brain to be transmitted and communicated to your brain. Writing gives me that creative challenge. What a challenge it is!

Among the many things I know and understand about writing is that it is a way for me to work things out in my life. Every author does it to some degree. It is like dreaming. While you sleep, your dreams convey messages and solutions to problems you face either once in a while or on a daily basis. Writing is like that for me. I can write about things in my life, change them around to suit my character and then watch the solution unfold before me. It is kind of fun.

Then on the opposite spectrum of working through issues through writing is the dark, fun part. Placing people in real life that irritate the hell out of me and turning them in to a character I can torture and kill! *Coughs* Okay, maybe not kill. But I certainly do have my Main give them a piece of their mind that magically resembles what I would like to say to that person.

So, with the topic of this post in mind, I am going to shut up now. *Laughs*

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

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