Sunday, February 7, 2010

Brainstorms + Excerpt No. 4

I love to brainstorm. I love thinking about all the "what ifs" a story can take, how to resolve issues and leave the reader wanting more. There are so many paths you can take in life, but usually, once the choice is made you have to follow that path for awhile. Some people don't even get to choose.

I think that is something else I like about being a writer. I have all these characters (I like to think) I am in control of and the choices they get to make are endless. Sometimes, even with characters, they (or I) make the wrong choice and have to correct the problem. While they are trying to make the best of a poor situation, they continue to move forward, to grow and learn.

The possibilities are endless, as are the ways to fix problems. I think it says a lot about the writer and how they face challenges in their every day, normal life. Sometimes, though, you just have to let the character fall so that they learn.

I will be nice, I will include another little excerpt in this post. There isn't much more I can tell people without giving it all away, though! So if I leave you hanging, you know why. :D

Excerpt #4:
Sorcha Lilanthroe looked forward to spending some time in Jallyra. The shore leave would be good for not only herself, but her crew as well. Things had not been as exciting out on the water since she had dropped Hedric and Trinara off of her ship. She listened to the oars splash in the water as the longboat drifted closer to the docks. She could hear music and laughter already; her mouth watered at the thought of refilling her casks of cherry wine.
“Cap'n,” Fromas, her bosun, whispered in her ear. “Looks like we 'ave a welcomin' party.” Sorcha turned in her seat and saw a man standing on the dock, watching their approach.
“Who in all hells is that?” she snarled. Light from one of the lamps on the dock cast its light on him from behind, leaving him in shadow.
“Yer guess is as good as mine,” he told her. Sorcha huffed and muttered something under her breath. She began to grow impatient waiting for the boat to pull up to the dock. As soon as they reached it, she climbed out before they could tie the boat off.
“You aren't waitin' for me, are you?” she tried her best to be coy, sauntering over to the man who stood, arms folded across his chest. “I usually don't take men from the docks to my quarters –“ she paused, as she had gotten closer and could now see who stood before her. “Ah, hell. What do you want, Rose?”
“Just a few moments of your time. Gentlemen,” he inclined his head slightly as the majority of Sorcha's crew stepped up behind her, flanking their Captain.
“How in the hells did you even find me?” she asked.
“If I gave away my secrets, I wouldn't have the pleasure of surprising you like this.” He smiled at her and she scowled. “Can we speak in private?”
A few of her crew stepped forward, not wanting to leave their Captain alone with this man. Sorcha raised a hand, calling them off.
“Down, boys. He just wants to chat. Right?” she looked at Rose seriously, one eyebrow arched.
“You have my word. All I want to do is speak with you.” Sorcha nodded and turned.
“Go on, you filthy bilge rats. You smell so horrible you're making my stomach turn. Try taking a bath more than once an Age.” Each one filed past her and gave Rose warning looks as they did so. Fromas remained behind, the last to leave.
“Are ye sure ye'll be all right?” he asked.
“I'm never sure, but we all have to die sometime, right? Get going. I will be along shortly.”
“Aye, Cap'n,” he muttered and followed the rest of the crew.
“All right. Let's hear it,” she told Rose and stood, hands on her hips.


Cheri Chesley said...

You know I love Sorcha!

Mel Chesley said...

Isn't she the greatest? I have to admit, I think she's my favorite. Shhh! Don't tell the other characters. ;)