Friday, February 5, 2010


I just want to drop a quick post. I need to get back to writing! (I'm stalling, I have a detailed scene and I am trying to quiet the clamor in my mind. It is hard keeping up with such diverse characters, especially when I cram them all in one room.)
I want to give a huge thanks to my sis-in-law, Cheri ( for posting up on her FaceBook page to follow this blog. She's the best! So, welcome to my new and latest followers!

I try to be down to earth and not offend anyone. At least I don't do that on purpose anymore. ;) Growing up is a good thing. However, I do have to warn you right now. I have a good trait and a bad trait.

The good trait: I am honest.
The bad trait: I am honest.

Why is that good and bad? Mainly because human beings, naturally, may ask for honesty but don't like it when they get it. I will be honest with people and while I may need a couple of lessons in tact or diplomacy, I cannot help but tell you exactly how I feel. My husband calls me a "Lightning rod with a bullwhip". That's about the exact truth of how someone could describe me. However, if honesty doesn't offend you and you look past to what I am actually trying to say and don't focus on just how I say it....we'll be fine.

So again, thanks Cheri! You're the best!