Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Getting Over Myself

So while I have been working on my website and adding the Wiki widget, I've had issues. I'm not used to writing about myself. In my last blog, I had a couple of comments that, yes, I would indeed have to overcome this fear and just do it. (No, I'm not a Nike ad.) So I did! While I can't say it is fun and try to make you believe it, I understand why I have to do it: Readers wanting to connect with their author. I love reading about my favorite authors and what they like to read/watch/do. So it goes without saying that eventually my readers (eee!) would want to know the same of me.

There is one other thing I have wanted to clarify for some time now. Granted people love giving themselves titles and seldom explain what it means. I've had a couple of people ask me why I call myself the "Mistress of Fantasy". That's fun to explain!

I'm not exactly sure how it came about. I just know that there are times I feel a little like a slave to my muse/genre. While I will try my hand at writing other types of stories (which I have) I always come back to fantasy. It is as if I am coming home to the one I love.

It certainly has nothing to do with bestowing a title on myself to appear more glamorous than I am. Hardly! Me? Glamorous? *Snorts* It's like I'm telling the world I'm the Elvira of the fantasy genre.

"Hi there! I'm your hostess, that gal with a wit who's quick with a quip! Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Week after week you'll find me right here on this lumpy ol' sofa showin' off my fine features....uh my film features. You know... the movies? ... Until then, unpleasant dreams."

I loved Elvira. Anyway, back on track here... So, yes, in some odd way I suppose I am fantasy's mistress. That name, however, would have dumped me into the romance genre. Mistress of Fantasy is just a fun thing for me, something to universally connect me with my MySpace page, website and blog. It also has just a little to do with my being involved in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and being titled with my occupation. Hmm... I could be Fantasy Pirate, but there again, I might get chunked into the romance genre.

*Note: I have nothing against romance authors! Most everything I write is in jest, take it with a grain of salt! Thank you. ::Hides from the onslaught of quill pens::

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