Thursday, February 25, 2010

If You Have to Network...

You all know what I do, right? Write! Wow, I so could not pass that up. :D Yes, I am a writer. I'm an avid reader and I also promote and network like a mad woman. I don't think I have done anything extremely productive (unless you count dishes and cleaning up cat yak) this whole week. I've blogged, I've networked and I glanced at my two stories. That little animated icon I had up for a few days, you know, the one with the person banging their head on the keyboard? Yeah, that was so me. Now, I'm the stealthy tiger, like Hobbes, waiting for my moment to pounce.

My sister-in-law, Cheri Chesley, has some pretty cool things in the works. She's got her stories in "Angels Round About" coming out March 1, 2010. Her book, "The Peasant Queen" has been accepted by Cedar Fort Publishing and she's got some local reviews to do for some books. She could use some followers on her blog, who couldn't? I try to tell people about the blogs I follow. I think my "Website Wednesdays" are going to be of blogs for a while. I love promoting people. Now all I need is a Smite Button. Hmmm....

So. With that being said, please subscribe to my sister-in-law's blog:

Why? 'Cause she's family! Good gods man, what other reason do you need???? :D

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