Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Website Wednesdays

So I have decided to start doing what I call Website Wednesdays. Gives people a chance to check out websites or even blogs. (Hey, I'm a networking kinda gal. What can I say?)

Since this is Absolutely my first Website Wednesdays, I thought long and hard about which website Absolutely had to be on here. Have you gotten the hint yet? Probably not, unless you are Absolutely a writer! (I swear, all of these blogs won't be as corny as this one from now on!)

Figure it out?


Absolute Write (dot) com. Psshhh! What website did you think I would pick for a premier? Well, there are dozens of others. It could have been oh, I don't know, Pogo (dot) com or something like that. Maybe even World of Warcraft (dot) com. I am a gaming nerd after all. [:lol:]

I have absolutely digressed. (Yes, yes I will cut it out now)

Absolute Write is by far one of the best websites out there for authors. Their water cooler page is full of Preditors & Editors information. (Speaking of ... Seriously, Google Preditors & Editors) I must admit this is where I first learned of the company I had fallen into with my first publication. I *SO* should have checked them out more, but ... lesson learned.

Moving on ...

This website gives you all sorts of goodies from paying markets, non-paying markets, beta readers, but most of all support for you, the author. Whether you are just starting out or are an old hand at the writing game, this site has something listed in the forums for you. This is by far, my favorite writing community website. The forums hold everything from basic writing questions to forums specifically designated to your genre. I didn't even know what a Beta Reader was until I was surfing their forums. Glad I know now and am thankful for my Beta Readers!

Aside from information, they give you contest information and an over all sense that all writers, no matter where they are in the process, belong.

So go check them out if you've never done so, especially if you are a writer! Absolute Write (dot) com Write hard. Write true. And write on.

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