Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There Once Was A Girl...

... who sat up way too late and decided to do some Google searches. While traipsing around the web, she discovered several problems with her chosen "user name".

Yes, I have had horrible thoughts of what people were thinking when they saw "Mistress of Fantasy". I have a pretty active imagination and lately the more I looked at the name, the more I wondered what exactly people thought about it. I discarded it, chose the user name for my Blog to be Caledonia Lass. A friend of mine came up with that a very long time ago. I am of Scottish descent after all.

So this blog is mostly just to let people know I've changed my user name. I'll be changing my website name as well.

I feel at a loss this past week. I feel as if I am just hanging in suspension, inside a bubble and I can't hear my Muse. I feel like I am writing nonsense blogs just to keep the writing going in hopes some idea will strike me. Good thing the title of this Blog includes Nonsense, eh?

How do people move out of the suspended bubble? What do you do to take charge of your writing again? I do not think it is actually Writer's Block. I seem to have stalled somewhere along the way. Ran out of gas. If that is Writer's Block ... well, then darn it all anyhow! I may have brought it upon myself, switching gears from writing to editing. *Sigh*

Any ideas? Anyone else feeling suspended or stranded along the road?


Melissa Cunningham said...

Here's my idea. Write about whatever you dreamed last night. Those are always fun ways to start a story! =).

Hey, can I be honest here? I would change the color of your blog. For me, it hurts my eyes to read the white on black. I don't know why, maybe it just feels too bright, but I know that for a lot of people, the black background with white words is hard to read. Just a suggestion.

I love your posts! Keep it up. Your page is a fun place to come visit!

Mel Chesley said...

Aww thanks! And you know, I have been contemplating changing the background. You aren't the first to say so...lately. lol!

Hmm...write about my dream. Sounds like a good place to start! Thanks again!

C. Michelle Jefferies said...

Interesting, Caledonia is the name of the planet in my series. I chose the name before I ever knew what Caledonia was or meant, and before my hubby served his mission in New Caledonia.
I like the name. :)

Mel Chesley said...

Why thank you! A friend of mine (Also of Scottish descent) had suggested it to me some years back when I signed up with Writing.com. I was trying to think of a user name and he popped that off, knowing my style. :D
I should have known to just keep using that "handle". It is a cool name and especially for a planet! Right on!
Thanks for commenting, I love to hear from people. :D