Sunday, March 28, 2010

Its Funny...

Here I am, a fantasy author. I will read practically anything, but my favorite is fantasy. However, I have a confession to make.

My first love was horror. Stephen King knocked my socks off in high school. Pet Semetary gave me the heebie jeebies and to this day, I still can't look at that book without getting chills.

PhotobucketThese days, that book seems tame compared to some of the other horror I've read. I am also a huge horror movie buff. But I get tired of the same old Vampire/Zombie stories. The horror movie has to be good. Scream was really good. My brother, at Halloween, would re-enact some scenes on his front lawn scaring the poo out of (older) kids. It was great! *Insert evil grin here* My daughter has followed in my footsteps as far as scary movies go. She's shown me some pretty cool ones lately that I missed. How could I miss those!?
PhotobucketWhen I fell into fantasy (no, not literally... well, maybe) I read those "Choose your own adventure" books. Later on, I got into the Elf Quest graphic novels. Melanie Rawn and David Eddings became my absolute favorites. I read a lot of Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance. I even wrote a fable in high school (an actual assignment) based off of a Forgotten Realms book I had just fell in love with. Can't remember which it was now, but you get the idea. My second confession is that I did not read Lord of the Rings until the first movie came out. I'm expecting lots of comments on that little tidbit, lemme tell ya. Ha ha!

So why, do you ask, do I have so many horror author friends?? Quite honestly, I cannot explain it either. Lots of my friends have fallen into the Horror Genre. I know very few people on Face Book or even here in the blogging community that write fantasy. If you know anyone in the fantasy genre that I don't know, would you direct me to them please? I'd be delighted.


Unknown said...

I read Pet Semetary--it took me, literally, three YEARS to finish it. Only because I kept setting it down at the creepy parts and then forgetting about it. I'd find it later, and read some more, stop again, and it kept turning up. So, I eventually finished it. I am not a horror lover. lol. I don't like horror movies--those are even worse, but my best friend in real life loves horror. She'd drag me to all those movies when we were teens. lol.

I did read a book called Wolfen thirty years ago. That was a good horror book. lol.

Mel Chesley said...

Wolfen! I loved that book. I may have to dig around for a copy of it again.
It's funny, when I got hooked into fantasy, my mom tried to get me to read Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey. I could not read them to save my life. Now, I have the books again and am enjoying them. Maybe I just didn't have the mental maturity to understand them at that time. I was like, 13? So, yeah. :D

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, I haven't thought about Dragonlance books for a good long time. I should look some more of those up some time *sigh* when I have time.

I write fantasy too! :D Even if I don't always stick with high fantasy, I always dabble around with it somewhere. I've been on an Urban Fantasy kick lately, trying to create my own mythological creatures.

I read your blog about the elves too, and it all sounds quite fascinating. :)

Mel Chesley said...

Ooh ooh another fantasy writer. Must follow your blog! XD
Thanks for the comment, I really do appreciate it.

Unknown said...

I know I love comments, so I've been trying to be a better commentor. Huh. Is that a word? Anyway, yay! Glad to comment. I will be skulking around when I can.