Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Now, I know that these awards weren't exactly given specifically to me. However, I chose to accept them when told "You all deserve it so help yourself".

Why thank you. I will. ;)

I know, I posted a bit about me that was uber serious so I've got to add a little fun in here today. So with that being said, I have these two awards:

The Sugar Doll Award was offered up over at Beth's blog. The rules for this award are:
The Sugar Doll Award is about joy and happiness. In accepting the award, we have to agree to list 10 things that people may not know about you and then pass the award to fellow bloggers whose blogs bring joy and happiness to your life.

Ten things about me you don't know, eh? Hmm...

Well here we go:
1 - I hate rum. I drank so much in my younger years I cannot stand even the smell of it.
2 - I'm allergic to nickel, therefore I cannot wear gold unless it is pure. Like I could ever afford that! lol!
3 - I've been married 3 times. Yes. 3. Uno, dos, tres. Third time must be the charm. ;)
4 - I portray a Pirate persona in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). I'm a sad pirate, allergic to gold and hate rum. XD
5 - It took me five and a half years to graduate high school. Lots of extenuating circumstances, see.
6 - I failed English. Every. Year. And I'm a writer, go figure!
7 - I am the youngest of 53 grandchildren on my mother's side of the family. Last pic I had taken with my Grandma was when I was 5, she passed shortly after that.
8 - I'm half Dutch and have my mom's side of the family tree documented back to the 1600's in Netherlands.
9 - I am a serious history freak. I love researching history and I wouldn't let anyone pay me if they needed information for a writing project. :D
10 - I have this weird memory. I can remember practically every book I've read, movie I've seen and can remember numbers at the drop of a hat. Seriously, it's freaky. I have so much useless trivia in my brain it is a wonder I can even function properly.

So there's my 10 things. I want to pass this on to Cheri, B. Miller, The Alliterative Allomorph, Talli and Elizabeth Mueller. Wow, it's difficult to pick, but I will stick with those choices.

The Prolific Blogger was over at Arlee's blog. Lee passed it on to all of us in the A-Z Blog Challenge and if you haven't accepted it, I am going to tell you to accept it! Any of you following my blog who are in the A-Z Challenge, take this award and pass it on.

So there, that's it about me. Hope you are all having a great day!



I'm impressed--and jealous!--of your prodigious memorization skills, and your ability to recall books and movies. What a great list you put together! I'll make a beeline to be your trivia pursuit partner if the opportunity ever occurs.

Mel Chesley said...

Hehe! That'd be fun, Sam. I'm pretty good at Trivia Pursuit. My husband hates playing lol!

Jessica Bell said...

Oh Thanks a million Mel. :) I'm afraid I don't have time to follow the rules right now, but I'll post it on my side bar with your link attached for and when I can get to it I will. THANKS! *kiss*

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award. :o)

It was great to learn more about you.

Mel Chesley said...

You're welcome AA! *hugs*

And thanks, Niki. :D I liked that, it was a fun post.


Congratulations on your well deserved award.

Take care,

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Mel, you are the sweetest! Thank you so very much! Congrats on your awards, too! :)