Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Before the L Day Ends...

I feel like an idiot. I so could have posted about my character, Laria for L day. So since this character actually has a real live person behind it, I thought I would make up for my lax in brain productivity.

Laria. Laria rules. I love her. She is based off of my friend Liz's character from LoC (Legends of Cosrin). She's an Elven Ranger in LoC and I kept her mad bow and arrow skills in the book as well. She's a fiery one, just like Liz is in real life. She's very logical and even tempered until you get on her bad side. Nightshadow (Watch for the N post) tried to kill her in LoC, so there's some bad vibes going on there.

Liz has been a friend of mine for going on twelve years now. We've seen each other through thick and thin, yet we've never met face to face. We email, IM and talk on the phone, but have yet to meet. She's helped me with lots of Laria things while writing, she's read my rough drafts and edits.

Laria becomes one of Kayta's most trusted friends (See, another K post I could have written) when she helps Kayta get back home after losing her memory. Kayta's ship is attacked and she's tossed overboard, left to die and hits her head on the side of the ship before she falls into the water. She's rescued by a Pyrate of all people.

When Kayta is dropped off in the closest port that has a Healer, she ends up meeting Laria, Farrehn and Vendras. Laria is a saucy girl. She calls people "Sugar" and would rather fill someone with arrows as look at them. Liz gave me several ideas for my website including "Laria's Guide to Hunting".

"If it moves, hit it. If it moves again, hit it harder." I look forward to her recipes for Goblin Stew or Ogre Casserole.

So there, I made up for my L post. I hope you enjoyed this!



Most enjoyable made lovely reading.

Take care.

Mel Chesley said...

Thank you, Yvonne! I always appreciate your comments. Thank you for dropping by my blog. :D