Saturday, April 10, 2010

I, I, I...

I have another hard letter to deal with. It seems I is everywhere. It is indescribable, yet self describing. Infuriating and irritating to come up with an I post. However, it is also inevitable.

I. Is for inviting, invigorating, infinity. Interesting, you say? I could not agree more. Or less. :D

Let's stick with interesting, shall we? My brain is starting to overload. What makes your writing interesting? What makes it stand above the rest, makes its mark on the world? (Or will make its mark.)
Do you give a deeper insight to the human mind and the myriad of emotions within? Do you twist your plots until they look like freakish pretzels? Are your bad guys really good and your good guys are really evil? What makes for an interesting read? What do you like to see?

Do you find it irritating when the same sort of genre keeps going and going and going? The same old cliches used until they are paper thin and no longer hold your interest as they once did? Or perhaps they just sparkle too much?

It is inevitable that if someone writes a novel (or series) that becomes a huge hit all over the world, everyone else will follow suit. Is this selling out? Is jumping on the bandwagon, so to speak, going to make you famous or will you just be another pebble trying to fit in an already overcrowded niche?

I can only hope that even though I find myself jumping into a genre that has been over done, I can add a little more dimension, more intrigue and generate some interest. I'm sure things I have written have been done to death. The horse is now glue. But can I stand out? Do my words weave in a different pattern that won't bore the reader with yet another fantasy realm, another story of a boy and his sword (or girl)? Have I broken the mold? Or have I just reshaped it to fit my needs, to make it slightly different, distinguishable?

I know, lots of thoughts to ponder. These are things I think about, though. My brain always seems to be in overdrive.

Favorite I band: Insane Clown Posse. Favorite I movie: I Am Legend.


Jessica Bell said...

Goodness me that IS a lot to think about. Your brain must be trying to hide from it all!

I've actually never wondered whether what I write has been done to death. I write about everyday people and everyday things. My writing explores the human condition, the kind of relationships we have, how we relate to and behave differently with differnt kinds of people, choose what sides of our personality to show to whom and when. That sort of thing.

I guess that can't really be over done as such, can it? We all gotta live. Can you over do life? LOL


My your poor brain, I thought mine was bad enogh.

I did enjoy your blog, I is a difficult word to write about as there are so many words beginning with it.

Enjoy your week-end.

ggray said...

What a great inspiring idea to use I to ask questions which open us up to investigate our own internal processes when we approach our writing. Thanks much. You've given us a lot to think about.
I tend to write about quirky people in extreme circumstances and many of them are paradoxical so it's hard to tell who's good or evil.

Unknown said...

My bad guy really is a good guy, and my good guy? He's still a good guy! lol. Is that interesting or boring?

As far as certain genres, I do get a bit irked (ha! I used a good I word!) when the favorite genre is one that I don't read, in fact, I never read it, even when I was a YA. I didn't know there was a genre for that until a few years ago. I guess a few I read in highschool fit that genre. Mr.& Mrs. Bojo Jones, S.E.Hinton's books, maybe a few more. I guess I'm too old. lol.

B. Miller said...

My specialty is detail. I set the scene very well. The people in the scene, sometimes I do them justice. Most times I feel like I'm just fumbling around, ha!

I don't think becoming successful and selling millions of copies of your books and getting rich means selling out. Look at those big guys up there like Neil Gaiman and Stephen King. They're still genuine and try to help the artists under them as much as they can. If I have that kind of success I will remember where I came from.

Great post!!

Mel Chesley said...

I don't think it is selling out either, but there are times when a certain idea has been done to death. People buy while the buying is good and interesting, but if marketing people were smart, they'd let the fad go after a point, then bring it back. However, human beings are fickle and their fads have to run their course, so things need to be done within that spectrum.

Thanks everyone, for your comments. I appreciate them more than you know and I am also glad I can inspire (I!) you to think. :D

Anonymous said...

'I' was hard to do. Thank goodness for insects :o)