Friday, May 21, 2010

You Might Think...

No, I'm not talking about the song by "The Cars"... I'm back to this emotion in writing thing. And can I just say, you guys are all about awesome.

So! Emily over at Stepping Into Fantasy left a comment about the love of family and friends. Which was going to be next, because obviously, not everyone is going to have "Squishy" in their writing or even sexual tension. But the emotion "Love" should be there somehow. Love of a family member, a best friend. A pet. Even the memory of love would be acceptable.

We all know there is a wide range of emotions to choose from. I'm not saying love has to be in every single book you write or involve every single character. But I do think if your character is lacking in emotions, it is lacking in reader connection. There are so many characters that, to me, have just fell flat on their faces because they were all about one emotion and didn't show me the myriad scope. It seemed unnatural, robotic, stiff... know what I mean?

If you've got a character that is angry ALL the TIME, people won't connect to that. Even if we just get a fleeting impression of what has made them angry or that they feel horrible being angry all the time or ... something! It makes them seem more human. How many characters can you think of that you absolutely adore? Now... think about why you adore them. Do the same with characters you couldn't connect to. Why? Now how many of those authors are successful in each instance?

I spend a lot of time thinking about emotions, actions, reactions while writing my characters. I've got a few that have a "So what?" attitude, yet I give the reader just a glimpse under the facade. That vulnerability that makes them human and makes the reader go, "Hmm... okay so what's the story with that?"

I think this about wraps up my whole emotion in writing posts. Again, I'd love to hear what you think of it all.

And on a complete side note... Those of you who have expressed an interest in the crit group but don't have the time right now, no worries. This is something you do when you are able to do it. I've posted up on my forums my two WIPs, what they are, where I am at with them. Anyone is welcome to ask for the first chapter.

I haven't posted any current progress on Legend of Black Rose simply because I gave in to my instincts (Voices in my head) and suggestions and am re-writing the first chapter. So, when that is done I can continue on my progress.

Thanks for being awesome, you guys!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Actually I thought about that yesterday, as my book may not have any women, but there is a close friendship between the two main characters. That does count!

Jessica Bell said...

Wow LOVE this new layout! Is it new or have I not dropped by for ages? *hand smack*

Hope you are well Mel :)


Enjoyed reading your post.

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