Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ebb And Flow...

I have not had much opportunity to sit here in front of the computer and take advantage of late night writing binges. Were that the case, I'd be further along in my editing of "Crowning Absolution" than I am at the current moment. The busier I get, the more I pull from writing, the more it seems to draw me back in.

I tend to read more when I don't write, then feel inspired to post up silly little things like my limericks about my cats on FaceBook. Yes, I was reading the "Cat Who..." books by Lillian Jackson Braun and posted up some of my own limericks. They were cute. But a few of my friends seemed concerned for the well being of one of my cats and I had to explain it was just a limerick. I was being silly. I hate having to explain things like that. Okay, maybe not 'hate' per se, but strongly dislike.

So the limerick I wrote for Osiris went like this:

"There once was a cat named Osiris,
Whose name sounded like a virus.
His owner went to bed
And sat on his head.
Now he looks a lot like papyrus."

I wrote one for Gir as well.

"There once was a cat named Gir,
Who had the softest, shiniest black fur.
Her mad ninja skills
Gave us all thrills
And we have finally got her to purr!"

Her sister, Oona, was a tough one and I had to tweak it a bit, but it goes like this:

"There once was a cat named Oona
Who ate a whole case of tuna.
She flopped on her side
And said with a sigh,
'I am now ready for dinner!'"

So that's enough of me being silly. But yes, writing has crept in on little cat feet... okay in Oona's case, LARGE cat feet... and has begged me to listen to its siren song. I'll have much better luck, I think, if I print it out and work on it that way. Sitting at the computer has become uncomfortable as I do not have a chair with arms. My shoulders start to hurt too much. I know! Excuses, excuses. ::winks::

Hope you all had a safe, wonderful holiday and continue to have an awesome week!

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Vicki Rocho said...

I love those limericks. But if they get stuck in my head...