Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Have A Voice...

I have a voice and it is a good one. I may not have a professional credit, such as having published a book (the right way...hehe!) but my voice has captured the attention of people.

I have an opinion. Usually about a lot of things.

Does my voice and my opinion ever get me in trouble. More than you might realize. Unless of course you know me really well. *Insert evil grin here* But seriously, I do not know any other way than being honest about my opinions or whatever it is I have to say. I do try to be as respectful as I can possibly be, but there are times when being politically correct isn't going to work.

So why this blog? I dunno. Just sometimes people tend to look at me strange when I speak. Then there are times when I really don't have anything to say. My writing voice is trying to be heard these days more than anything, so a blog about speaking out seemed appropriate. Do I have anything important to say? Not exactly. I'll keep it short so I don't waste too much of your time.

I am editing again. I am filtering through it slowly and it is coming along. "Crowning Absolution" is the one I am working on. I am giving Black Rose a break to collect his thoughts. I hope everyone is doing well and having a good week! I will see you all next time.


Hart Johnson said...

Mel-I HEAR YOU! I also sometimes say things that shock people. I also try to be respectful, but there are times I can't hold my tongue, and if pressed to talk, the truth is what falls out... my truth, anyway... (that's the way of opinions, eh? Everybody has their own truth) Good luck with the editing! I am also mid edit and it is killing me!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Happy editing! That's what I'm doing right now as well.