Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Trend...

I've visited lots of blogs that offer up a "Get To Know You" or GTKY post either weekly or monthly. Figured I could give it a shot as I am gaining more followers in my networking efforts.

Every Wednesday, I will post at least three things about myself and would love if you would answer the questions in the comments so I can get to know you as well.

Okay, ready? Here we go:

1) Favorite movie of all time? I'd have to say my favorite movie of all time is "Made in Heaven". Why? I'm not much of a romantic buff. I sort of avoid romance novels like the plague and am the same with movies as well. But every once in awhile, I will find a "chick flick" that I like. "Made in Heaven" was made sometime in 1993. There are cameos by Rick Ocasek (The Cars) and Tom Petty. But that isn't why I love the movie. I'm a firm believer in reincarnation, that people have life lessons to learn and if they don't learn it the first time around... well history does repeat itself. I also believe that everything happens for a reason. And this movie portrays that really well. We meet people all the time that we feel we know, but have honestly never met. Why is that?

2) Favorite book? I have always loved "Faerie Tale" by Raymond E. Feist. Being a fantasy writer, you would have thought I would have chosen J. R. R. Tolkien, right? Well... here is where a confession comes in. I tried to read "Lord of the Rings" back when I was like... 13. I could not get into it. Actually, when I think about it, I tried reading "The Hobbit". My mom didn't like that I read all these fantasy books and I think that was around the time she bought "The Odyssey" and "The Illiad" for me. Could not read those either. I can now, though. But I did not pick up J. R. R. Tolkien until after the first movie came out. Seriously. I stopped telling people I had never read his books because I got weird looks. Either that or people would say, "You write fantasy like this and you've NEVER read Tolkien?!?!?!" Yeah, I got that a lot. Over on I had someone tell me that my writing was very Tolkien-esque. I glossed over the compliment with a, "Thanks" and left it at that. After seeing the first movie, however, I was floored. Do I really write like that? Did someone just compare my work to this ... this absolute fantasy genius?? Yeah. After that I read the entire series, including "The Hobbit" before the second movie came out.

3) Favorite color, food and TV show? I know this is a three in one question. I'm cheating! But they're simple ones. Favorite color is royal blue. Favorite food has to be the nachos I make every week for dinner. TV show? Well, I have several. Lie To Me, Charmed, Monk and Friends. Not really in that order.

Okay now it is your turn. And leave me some feedback, please, if you would like me to continue this post on a weekly or monthly basis. Thanks!

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