Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So, sitting here and getting back to business on the computer, I've been thinking about how close I am to getting my book ready for submissions. I'm still FAR from done with revisions, of course, but still.

I have butterflies in my stomach. It's almost as bad as going out on my first date. Okay, not really... those were better butterflies, but you get my drift.

I am also enjoying the fact that I have my laptop. Thanks be to those higher powers that helped me get this laptop. I can at least sit here and read my blogs and e-books. Time to get back to work. Good thing I sit down as an author or I'd be in a world of hurt or in better shape.

Probably both with my luck.

I'm getting used to this whole one space after a sentence instead of two. I'm trying to remember to set up my Open Office auto tab thingy whenever I open up a new document. Just trying to form these habits now so I don't have to worry about it later.

Okay so that was just all random stuff. I haven't been on to ramble in a while and thought you might have missed it. Have fun!


Jamie Gibbs said...

The butterflies are good - they'll keep you in check. Just don't feed them after midnight or get them wet, then you'll have all sorts of trouble.

Also, yay for laptop!

Frances said...

So happy to meet another Alaskan blogger! Looking forward to reading your book. And Jamie is right - don't feed them after midnight or get them wet. They will cause all kinds of mayhem! I want a laptop! *green with envy* LOL
Thanks for stopping by alaskanbookcafe

Mel Chesley said...

@Jamie~ lol! I'll try to remember that. ;)
@Cristina~ This is great! Alaskan bloggers unite. :D

Unknown said...

My butterflies are going nuts. Fortunately I still have a while before they decide to give me indigestion (i.e. before I get to start querying). :D

Carol Phipps said...

With your imagination your book is bound to be a success.