Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Favorites, Fantasy Art & A Funny...

Sorry I missed last week's post. I thought I would be on and wasn't, so I'll make up for it today.

Ready? Okay!

Favorite books/Authors:

Let's see, this Friday I'm going to switch genres on you. This week's favorite author of mine is J. A. Jance. I absolutely adore her books! Mostly the Joanna Brady books, because they're set in Arizona. Cochise County, if I remember correctly. I think what connected me to her books in the first place was the description of a street in Tucson, Arizona in one of the first books I read. I knew exactly where the character was, where she was walking and pictured it vividly in my mind. It hooked me 100%. I'd recommend her books to anyone who likes mysteries.

Favorite movies:

Any of the Indiana Jones movies. My first introduction to Indiana Jones was Temple of Doom. I was a kid and loved it. I begged my mom to make my brother and cousin take me. At the time I was like... 12 I think and my brother was convinced I would have nightmares. (Only because he wanted to spend time with our cousin without the hassle of his little sister around.) When I didn't have nightmares and actually enjoyed the movie, my brother was impressed. From that point on, he and I connected a little better and always recommend movies to each other or talk about the ones we like/hate. We have such similar taste, it's pretty funny. He's also the one who turned me on to horror movies, lol!

Favorite music:

Speaking of my brother, he and I also share lots of the same taste in music. While visiting this summer, I got to copy some of his library to my flash drive to take home to add to my iPod. So with all that in mind, another of my favorite groups is The Cars. I've liked them since I was old enough to get into music. They've got a quirky style and one of the best sounds around. Rick Ocasek rules. You can see his cameo in one of my favorite movies I already mentioned. Made in Heaven. (Along with Tom Petty and a couple other rock 'n' rollers.)

Fantasy art:

This week's fantasy art is one of my own. This is Bast. She is an Elf-cat. Part Elf (obviously) and part cat (again, thanks Captain Obvious). In my books, these creatures are known as Kefferlings. One of the more prominent ones is Onetta. (Oh-net-uh) Onetta has black fur and green eyes. She wraps her tail around her arm as if she is holding up the hem of a dress. Do you have any idea how long it takes to clean one's tail?

And the Funny:

My friend Liz commented on this once. She said: "Your evil is showing!". Made me snarf my soda at the time. Haha!

All right everyone, have a great weekend! And don't forget to vote on my poll up above.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wild photo! Raiders was a classic Indiana Jones movie. Care to share your least favorite movies in my blogfest?

Mel Chesley said...

Why of course I would, Alex! And yeah, that photo is pretty cool. :D

Carol Phipps said...

I love your elf cat, Mel. Also the picture of the church is fascinating. I don't know where that picture was taken but there is a church exactly like that about three quarters of a mile form our farm in Illinois. Hey...get well soon!


Jamie Gibbs said...

the devil really needs to learn how to hide better :P

the Indy movies have a special place in my collection; the original trilogy is something I can watch over and over.