Monday, August 15, 2011


I had a horrible day yesterday. (Sunday) Bad mood, emotional... yeah this is my third week being post-op. I had a hysterectomy. Note the "hyster" part MUST be "Hysterical".

So despite my bad mood and keeping to myself so as not to bite anyone's head off, I got a surprise today.

I got a Kindle!

My husband and brother-in-law got it for me. Good thing they ordered it before my "hysterical-day" or they would have canceled the order. Ha!

So I now have a ways and means of reading these books without having to sit in front of my laptop or put my laptop on this cute little table that spans my chair, but also sits right on top of my incision. Woohoo!

My hubby loves me. <3 Must love me as much as I love him. ;)


Jamie Gibbs said...

Kindles make for a better recovery :) Hope you get better soon, though having the Kindle will definitely help to speed things up :)

Sarah Ahiers said...

sorry to hear about your hysterectomy. That stinks. BUT!! This Kindle rocks! I'm totes jealous of you! AND and and! You can read people's MSs on them as well!
man...i really want one

Talli Roland said...

Fab news on the Kindle! Woooooo! I absolutely LOVE mine, and it's been super helpful with editing my MS, too.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Great news about the Kindle! You'll dig having an eReader.

Christi Goddard said...

Yes, the 'hyster' part is connected to 'hysterical' as people used to call women hysterical due to their girl plumbing. They would have doctors give them 'intimate massage' to cure their 'hysterics.' Now you have more history than you ever wanted about that sort of thing. :-)

I had mine two years ago. Worst mistake. Ever.

Mel Chesley said...

Thanks guys! I'm already enjoying the Kindle immensely. Could barely tear myself away from it, ha!

@Falen~ I was sort of on the fence about it. I just read a book I am doing a review for, so yeah it was nice.

@Christi~ :( I'm sorry. And yeah, I don't mind learning the hystery... ;) While I may regret it later, I was lucky because they found a polyp forming and they usually go cancerous. I've had so many problems and this runs rampant in my family.

Okay, I go back to reading now, yes? Yes!