Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You Are Awesome...

I just wanted to drop a short post and tell you all thanks!

Thanks for your feedback on the titles I chose for my books. Thanks for your support in my recovery from surgery. Thanks for just being the best blogger buddies out there!

When I started on this writing/blogging journey, I had no idea what to expect. I certainly did not expect to have as many followers as I have right now.

Which brings me to a warm welcome to all of you who are new! I'm very glad to have you here as well. My books or my blogs would not be what they are without followers like all of you.

I have had a facebook account for some time now and have recently gotten into the Twitter aspect of all this.

I even got 're-tweeted' the other day. Like I posted on facebook, still not sure how I feel about that. Hehe!

Be on the lookout Thursday for my interview with Carol Marrs Phipps and Tom Phipps, co-authors of Elf Killers. Then Monday, I will post my review along with a giveaway of the eBook. The rules for the giveaway are super simple: Just post a comment to the review! One comment, one entry. No multiples. I know... I'm such a hard ass.

Have a great rest of the week!

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Jamie Gibbs said...

It's a pretty awesome feeling when people start taking notice of what you post on Twitter, especially considering just how much stuff is posted on there every minute. Hope the success keeps coming your way :)