Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Favorites, Fantasy Art & A Funny...

Woohoo! It's Friday! This is the best Friday ever. Why? Because I have my edits! Sorry, super excited about it all, really.

I had to take a break and make sure I got this post ready in time. I'll have to schedule a few more, because I love this Friday post. Apparently, lots of you do as well.

I am a bit short on time, so I am not going to be posting the pics of the book or movies or music group I choose. I'll make sure to keep doing that at a later date.

So here we go!

Favorite books/authors:

Disc World. Those books were so funny! I got to thinking about these books and really have to revisit them because I read them so long ago. What prompted me to think about them was seeing a movie on Netflix based off of the books. I remember a friend of mine having a video game related to the books as well. Fantasy, humor, what's not to love?

Favorite movies:

I'm a huge Johnny Depp fan. I loved him from 21 Jumpstreet all the way to Pirates and even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He's one of my most favorite actors. Right up there with Billy Zane and Jerry O'Connell. Billy Zane just cracked me up in 'Demon Knight'. The sponge scene had me rolling. But Johnny... oh, Johnny. He was so sweet in 'Benny and Joon'. I love that movie. It was a movie I could sit and watch with my daughter. She quickly became a fan because he was so cute in that movie!

Favorite Music:

Hmm... I think this is going to be a week for Queen. Love, love, love Queen! I suppose it helps they did the soundtrack for 'Highlander'. I think I need to find more Queen for my iPod.

Fantasy Art:

With all the copyright issues out there, I'm going to use my own damn artwork! Why not? It qualifies as fantasy. This is what a Kefferling looks like in my books. Half elf, half cat. Furry and sleek, watch out for the claws!

And now the funny:

Oooh! Someone's gonna get choked... lol! Have a good weekend everyone. See you Monday!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That last one is great.

AE Marling said...

I'm reading Small Gods by Terry Pratchett right now and quite enjoying it. His words vibrate with wit and wisdom.

And yes, in Star Wars, I kept expecting figure skaters to zoom into the screen on those slick floors.

Angela Brown said...

I'm swooning over here with you behind Johnny Depp :-)

And that artwork is great. You're really good.

Okay, that last one had me cracking up. I suppose the force wasn't with him on the wet floor lol!!

Mel Chesley said...

@ AE~ I know, I kept expecting figure skaters as well, lol!

@ Angela~ Thanks! And the force seriously left him hanging that day, I would say. lol!

Kendra503 said...

HAH the last picture!! That's awesome!

I love Johnny Depp! He's so good at whatever he's working with!

Unknown said...

Yay!! Mel posted my Bast ya sis!!!