Saturday, December 22, 2012

Book Review: Spooky Showcase by Alan Draven...

Title: Spooky Showcase

Author: Alan Draven

Publisher: Pixie Dust Press

Pages: 344 (Print), File size: 530 kb

ISBN 10: 0981021336 (ISBN 13: 978-0981021331)

Purchase: Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Description (From

A collection of spooky tales featuring three short stories and two novellas--including a brand new novella and an unpublished short story: • The Paradigm • Beyond the Doomed Cave • The Rattling Man • A Madman's Atonement • Vengeance is Mine

My thoughts:

Lots of chilling tales from 'The Rattling Man' to 'Beyond the Doomed Cave'. The book gave me some goosebumps and soothed my nerves with some light humor. Alan Draven's take on Jack the Ripper in 'Vengeance is Mine' is pretty twisted. I never would have pegged the serial killer as... well, I can't tell you!
Well written, lots of different stories all set in Bitternest, Louisiana (except for 'Vengeance').

I give it 4 skull and crossbones.

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