Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday, Monday...

It's Monday! Hope this means you all had a good weekend and had a safe St. Patty's day. Hopefully you aren't too hung over from drinking green beer and dancing with the Leprechauns.

Not much to post today. Nothing new and exciting. I feel in a bit of a rut. My week off for Spring Break seemed to just fly on by. Did I get anything accomplished?

Pssh. No.

Oh, wait... I got my fridge cleaned out. I got my laundry done. Um. That's about it.

I am sitting here staring at my desk and keep having a sensation wash over me. I am overwhelmed. Maybe stressed is a better word for it. I told you all about the issues I had with my laptop and then having to set up a whole station for it and the monitor and keyboard.  Well, just before Spring Break, a couple of my friends in Washington sent me their 'old' computer. They got a new one and the one they sent me is better than my laptop. My other friend put in a new graphics card. Only problem was, the monitor I was using for my laptop wasn't good enough for this new to me computer so my husband gave me his. He was real heartbroken at the fact that the big screen TV would now be his monitor.


But everything on my desk is a complete disaster and my laptop still contains some writing stuff that has to be transferred over to the new computer. Plus, I need to set up my laptop somewhere to access a couple of other programs easily. So I'm stuck. I have this huge mess on my desk, cords and wires to tidy up and very little motivation to do much about it. Hubby said he'd help, but this weekend flew by as well.


Someone send me some good energy to get this done! I think I need some Leprechauns and fairies...

Have a good week, all! And hopefully, I will have gotten something about this mess done.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hope you get your tangled mess sorted.

Mark Means said...

Sending some good vibes your way...good luck! :)

Mel Chesley said...

Thanks, you two! :)

Elsie Amata said...

Good energy headed your way!

Jotto Desk said...

Good job, I really liked it. Thanks for sharing.

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hibilala said...

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klahanie said...

Okay, to help you out, my 'wee folks' from my magical garden are on the way! :)

Considering my next door neighbour is Irish, St. Patrick's Day was remarkably quiet.

Here's to your elf, sorry, health!

Gary :)