Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book Review: 'Lost in the Seven Worlds' by Petronela Ungureanu

Title: Lost in the Seven Worlds

Author: Petronela Ungureanu

Publisher: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Pages: 26 File Size: 205 kb


Purchase: Amazon

Summary from Amazon:

Lost in the Seven Worlds is the debut work of Petronela Ungureanu, an avante-garde Romanian writer.

When a young woman finds herself captive in another world, she makes the mistake of falling for one of the disgraced beings. In the name of love, she is confronted with a most disturbing demand and faces a crucial decision. Will she remain lost in the Seven Worlds, or will she accept the challenge of a love beyond mortality?

My thoughts:

First off, this is a short story. But I honestly have to say I found a lot lacking. It wasn't a well rounded story and left me with more questions than answers. To say it is 'avante-garde', well, I don't view it as such. To me, avante-garde means it is going to be different from anything else out there, colorful, full of strange new things that might take a bit of getting used to. I didn't get any of that from this story.

The overall idea was good. The setting was well written and descriptive, but the story itself fell a little flat to me. Maybe it was just me, but I felt a couple of things were repeated, and I got a bit confused and lost in the story. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't give this author another shot. This is a debut story, after all.

With it being a short story, it is worth a try. Don't just take my word for it.

Sadly, I am going to only give it two out of five skull and crossbones.

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