Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm Here...

It's Thursday. I've got a couple more weeks until I can focus on all the tasks building up for me.

I have some good news about writing. I have to wait until I get home, as I don't have all the details on my laptop. It is stuff that will keep me busy, that's for sure. And totally worth sharing.

I'd like to offer up some advice to writers, as I find it pertains to them as well as to what I've told my kids.

Everyone falls, everyone falters. You aren't going to make it right out of the box. The thing that will set you apart from others is, allowing those who support you to help get you back on your feet, dust you off, and tell you to try again.

I've spent the last few weeks helping dust off one of my kids. Things are getting better, and can only go up from here. The stress of everything completely wore me down. I had no desire to do anything. I didn't even want to look at my computer, and there were days I didn't want to get out of bed.

It was all so overwhelming, my mind could only focus on helping my kid. I fought a bout of depression over it. I'm better, and I will be getting back to things as soon as I get home.

Thanks for those of you who kept me in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks to those of you who haven't left me. Your support in the writing industry is one of many things that keeps me going. So take my advice up there. It can be applied to so many things.

Have a good rest of the week and enjoy your weekend!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Your kids are more important. Glad you could be there for one of yours. Now time to let someone dust you off and get you going again.

Donna Hosie said...

Children are far more important. I wish you all well.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Kids are so important.

Ornery Owl of Naughty Netherworld Press and Readers Roost (Not Charlotte) said...

I'm glad things are going better for your kid. My mother's response when something happens to me is to ask me "what did you do to cause this?" It really helps to have a supportive parent. I always resolved I would never treat my son the way my mother treated me.