Thursday, March 6, 2014

Book Review: Child of the Ghosts by Jonathan Moeller

Title: Child of the Ghosts

Author: Jonathan Moeller

Published by: Azure Flame Media, LLC

Size: 513 KB Pages: 288

ASIN: B0052Q9WFQ (Amazon)

Purchase: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

About the book (Amazon):

When her life is torn apart by sorcery and murder, young Caina Amalas joins the mysterious Ghosts, the legendary spies and assassins of the Emperor of Nighmar. She learns the secrets of disguise and stealth, of assassination and infiltration.

But even that might not be enough to save her.

For the evil that destroyed her family seeks to devour the entire world...

My thoughts:

This was an AWESOME fantasy book. Young Caina Amalas reminds me a lot of my assassin, Nightshadow. Sorry, couldn't help that little shout out... but it's true. Caina's mother had expected her to be great in magic, but when she shows absolutely no interest in it, she shuns her, getting in her verbal digs as much as she can. Caina finds comfort and solace with her father, but when he's brutally murdered over an ancient scroll, Caina is kidnapped.

This book uses sorcerors abundantly, and their blatant use of power to control the kingdoms is evident. Reminds me of some epic, arrogant mages from my days of role-playing!

So if you like fantasy, I think you will love this series. Very well written, characters are well developed, and you feel a connection to Caina instantly.

My rating:

Five out of five skull and cross bones.

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