Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Review: The Ghost and The Graveyard by Genevieve Jack

Title: The Ghost and The Graveyard

Author: Genevieve Jack


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Print Length: 308 Pages

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About the Book (From Amazon):

Grateful Knight isn't looking for love when she moves into a rent-free house on the edge of a graveyard. At twenty-two, all she wants is to recover financially so she can move back to the city where she belongs.

But sparks fly when the gorgeous cemetery caretaker, Rick, introduces himself and mentions his suspicion that her new house might be haunted. Her attraction to him seems supernatural, and despite her resolve to not get involved, she literally can't keep her hands off him.

My Thoughts:

This was a good, fast read. Grateful Knight didn't come across as a 22 year old buxom blonde, to me, though. She seemed a little older for her years. I would have guessed closer to 30 if the author hadn't kept reminding me. I also am not a huge fan of romance and so some of the sex scenes came on a little hard and fast. No pun intended.

Rick is a decent character, pretty well developed. Logan is my favorite, though. I don't know why I always go for the underdog. But it seems to me, the character Grateful really had a good thing with him, ghost or not! The story itself is very good, but I am on the fence about reading the rest of the series. We'll see.

Lots of good writing, lots of well developed characters. It had humor, it had angst, it was a good story. So I would highly recommend it!

My Rating:

4 and 1/2 Skull and Crossbones.


Vicki Rocho said...

I like books like this in between 'heavier' books...kind of a palate cleanser. Plus, I like all that supernatural mumbo jumbo. :)

Mel Chesley said...

It is a fairly light book, Vicki. I think you'd like it. :D