Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Workin' It...

So I grabbed a handful of Betas last week to go over book two in my fantasy series. They're currently looking over 'Veritas' to see what needs work, what doesn't, etc. You know what Betas do.

I'm not through with writing book two, however, but I feel like I got way off track somewhere and need to be redirected. So once I get the feedback I need, I can make the changes and continue on. I have a specific scene set in my mind for the end of book two and also another set for book three.

Is it a cliffhanger? Ha! I won't tell. But you should know my style by now.

Once I get the rest of it written, I will pass it all off again and see if my readers like the rest of it. I am about 10 - 15,000 words away from being finished with book two. Then it is on to book three!

In the meantime, I have several other stories in the works. Here is a brief list of what's going on in my brain:

I have individual stories planned out for some of the characters like, Sorcha, Nightshadow and Black Rose. So that's three.

I have a story about two twin sisters. This will be set in the world I created.

I have another about a group of friends and a princess. This will be set in my world, as well.

I have a fairytale-like story going on right now, but it isn't set in my world.

I have a romance in the works. (Yes. I KNOW the irony of this, trust me.)

I also have a paranormal serial I'm planning and working on off and on when I get the urge. This one may take awhile, because even though it is a serial, I'm going to try to get one 'Season' of it written before offering up the first story.

So, that's a lot of writing on my plate. But that's okay. I'm enjoying it, even if it does drive me crazy when I get a new idea. Oh, speaking of, I still have that zombie one sitting on the back burner.


I know.

We'll see about that one.

So what all do you have waiting in the wings? Anything new? Anything you want to share? I'll gladly help spread the word when you need me to, you know that! And I hope to see you all in April for the Challenge!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I envy all of your ideas. Cool that you will set other stories in the world you created. After all that effort, might as well use it.

Mel Chesley said...

I will totally give you ideas. And yes, I do have lots of plans for stories in my world. It's just a matter of writing them!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I love all those ideas. It sounds like the world you created with your first book will keep you going for a long time.