Friday, May 8, 2015

A Writer's Life...

As writers, it seems we're put through the ringer more than the rest of the world. Sometimes. Perhaps it is because the higher powers that be want us to experience more, feel more, so we know how to share it with the world when we write our story.

I say sometimes, because sometimes it seems like that one author you admire so much seems to have it easy. They can crank out best sellers like a factory worker. But you never know what that person had to go through to get there.

I've seen all sorts of questions from new authors, wanting to know how to manage their time, how to just sit down and write, what to write and why, for the love of all that is holy, do we write?

It's different for everyone. Managing time is difficult for me. I end up writing in spurts. I go long periods without writing and then start to feel guilty or ashamed for not writing and try to force it. Then it comes out like crap, but it is down on paper for me to revise.

Not knowing what to write really hasn't been that much of an issue for me. Getting from point A to point B in my story has been. And I write because I have cool ideas and stories to tell. It is something I would like to read, but have yet to find out there. And I am dipping my toe into so many different genres, it's been fun!

But my life, it's anything but glamorous. I live paycheck to paycheck. If something were to happen to my car, or me, or my family (knock on wood), it would set me back and I'd be stressed and frantic. My sister in law had commissioned a book cover and an editor, had plans to make payments and her husband got laid off. The money she had went to bills. So she started a GoFundMe campaign. I've been tweeting about that. I've seen others who have needed help start campaigns as well. It's important to help out, even if it is just sharing links. Every writer out there has a dream and they all deserve to live it.

I know other authors who struggle with bills, with their health and other things, but they keep on writing. It isn't self flagellation, it's just the love of the craft.

Okay, maybe a little flagellation...

But if you love to write and your life is chaotic at best, you will find a way. You might need to rely on your community once in awhile, but you will get by. I hope all of you find success, no matter what your definition may be. But this community of writers has been good and supportive when it matters. No matter what sort of support you are seeking. Keep your chin up and don't give up!

Please note there are TWO links to two different campaigns. Help out however you can, even if it is just sharing the links on your social media or blogs.

What's your writer life like?

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Anonymous said...

Agree with you Mel. I struggle with my writing some days - but not as much as my health. However, I can't stop writing or at least thinking about it as it's part of me now. The great thing is the moral encouragement from fellow scribblers, who understand the trials and tribulations as well as the odd highs.

Keep writing and believe in yourself. Oh, and good luck.