Monday, December 21, 2015

Getting To Know Me, Week One...

For the sake of making things simple, I will start referring to these posts as GTKM: 1 or 2, etc.

All right, here we go...

Who Knows Me Best?

Hmm... aside from myself. Duh. I would have to say my husband. He's the one who knows me the best out of everyone in my life.

I have best friends I've known since high school. Some I've kept in contact with continuously, others, just reconnecting. The friendships are still solid after all this time and it's fun getting to know them all over again.

Time has changed us all. We're not the same people anymore. They know a good portion about me. They know stuff from my past that my husband wouldn't know. But when it comes down to brass tacks, Hubs wins.

Sure, there are the usual little things that he'll forget, but he's the one who knows exactly what kind of nuts I'm allergic to. He knows that my mood affects my sleep habits really bad.

He also is the only one who knows that either a certain look on my face or tone of my voice means everyone should be ducking for cover, because I'm about to blow up.

He also is the only one who knows how to calm me down. He knows how to make me voice my thoughts and feelings. Something I struggle with, constantly.

I'm a writer. Ask me to write my thoughts and feelings down, don't ask me to speak them.

But he gets me to talk. I can honestly sit there and tell him everything that just pops into my head and know he'll understand and get it. No matter how bad it sounds.

He also knows when I'm having a writing "AHA!!!" moment.

So, yeah. Of all the people in my life, he knows me best. That's how it should be, right?

Who knows you best?

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