Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Day Before The Night Before Christmas...

I know, I'm so wordy.

However, do not be offended by my next choice of words:

Happy Holidays!

It's simple. It's generic, but it is getting my point across to all of my many friends, no matter their culture.

And for those who don't celebrate, Happy December 23rd! It's Wednesday!!!

I hope this week finds you all well. I hope you all have a safe holiday, even if you aren't celebrating. Be careful of those who celebrate just a little too much because they have no boundaries. Ha!


I'm hopefully ending this year on a high note and beginning next with an even higher one. I'm ready for this year to be over, but it doesn't mean my typical, average every day issues will just magically disappear. I just hope to be dealing with them better as we get over the very large bump in the road called Christmas.

Things are looking better for us, here. Hubs has a new job starting soon. I'll be getting back to my schooling and hopefully finishing up my trilogy. I'll have book one out in audio shortly, as well. I also have my hands deep into other writing projects, as well as craft ones. We may have a move in our future, but not too far from where we are currently, just closer to my husband's work.

My kids are doing well, as is my grand-kidlet. One is in the medical field as a CNA, getting ready to move up the ladder. The other is currently working on a mechanic's license and already has an electrical one.

Hubs got laid off a few months back, but we've kept afloat, thankfully, due to him working a temp job. Which actually ended up being a dream job of his, but the pay just isn't enough. Things were tight around here, but with the help of one kid, we ended up being okay.

I'm still working my part-time job and doing online schooling. Other than writing and craft stuff, not so much going on.

I wish you all well and safe for the holiday season, as well as all year long. Many blessings!

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Anonymous said...

Nadolig llawen as we say in Wales, although I lean a bit more twards celebrating the Winter Solstice, as that was the origin of the festive season, with good reason. Anyway, have a good break and an awesome 2016... all of you.