Monday, December 14, 2015

Getting To Know Me...

All right. I'm trying to make an effort here, to get back into blogging.

From this point on, I'll be posting every week a "Getting To Know Me" post.

It'll be fun! I'll even make it interactive. If people comment on the post with questions, I'll include those in my future posts.

I'm working on things. I'm trying to find some writing related stuff as well. I've pulled out posts from my archives before, from waaaaay back when I started this. So maybe I'll re-visit those as well.

This first post will be a general "Get To Know Me".

First and foremost, I'm a geek. I'm a gamer. A lot of you already know that. I'm a nerd to the core and I am proud of it.

I'm that person that has the collection of nerd gear t-shirts. The ones people love to look at, but don't buy because they won't wear it. Including one that says this:

Most people get the reference. Some don't. Some think it's the band.

I also like to live my life by using random, obscure movie quotes and song lyrics. I have a ton of useless trivia in my brain. If I could ever get on a useless trivia game show, I think I'd walk away with a good amount of cash. Psh!

I'm crafty. I can make all kinds of things. If I ever had the cash flow to do everything I know how to do, I bet I could fill an aircraft carrier.

Okay. So there is a little bit. Tune in every week to read more! I look forward to this!


Arlee Bird said...

Hope you get to put that trivia knowledge to use some day. I tend to have a lot of knowledge like that, but don't use it much. Blogging makes a great outlet as a trivia dump.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

Mel Chesley said...

I wish I could put this all to good use. I'd love to have a job geared around all that "useless" knowledge. Maybe someday, as you say. :)